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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello MUtizenii Întrebare scurtă dar foarte relevantă pe timp de pandemie : Ce cărți ați mai citit în ultimul timp ? Personal am terminat seria Witcher după ce am văzut serialul . [Aștept răspunsuri serioase] @MeTa @Oculus sper că mă susțineți în aspectul de mai sus ! ( Puteți răspunde voi primii )
  3. Dunedain si DarkMatter , intre ora 10 si 15 .
  4. Last week
  5. That's correct! You won 10000 Diamonds Artagosul Win
  6. That's correct! You won 10000 Diamonds Artagosul Win
  7. That's correct! You won 20000 Diamonds Artagosul Win
  8. IGN - Artagosul Movie - Hellboy
  9. IGN Artagosul Actor Steven Segal
  10. That's correct! You won 20000 Diamonds Artagosul Win
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience,i got disconnected. The Winners Are: Dunedain x2 Congrats Everyone.
  12. https://imgur.com/EPxeNZA Rule violated, according to the TebaMU rules set is: 1) During the course of the event "Castle Siege" are prohibited disturbances and teasing competitors by the players who are not enrolled as a competitor! With all due respect MeTa, you are asking for more explanation when , according to the print posted and your regulations, you can clearly see that he is interfering with Castle Siege event! Let me know if you need more info. I do hope that my complaint meets your expectations.
  13. Yami

    [EVENT]Guess the Logo!

    IGN Artagosul Logo - Logitech
  14. Spune-mi te rog numele characterului si ora cand ai avut aceasta problema
  15. Da, vor fi adaugate pe S16
  16. After the analysis of your complaint , your application has been rejected for one or several reasons: a) The complaint title is incorrect. b) The game rules set were not violated. c) You did not follow the reporting rules d) Lack of explanations (In some cases we need detailed explanations) e) Your print screens are expired or altered. Reminder : Misleading of the staff or repeated posts of claims that cannot be justified will be sanctioned by blocking the access to the server and account for a period of 7 days. DivinityMU Staff it is by default the final arbiter in each dispute that refers to our game rules set, and have a definitive decision in our rule set interpretation. This topic has been closed and is marked as unjustified claim. If you want to contest this decision, please open a contest topic.
  17. Yami

    [EVENT]Guess the Mob!

    IGN Artagosul Monster Witch Queen
  18. Yami

    [EVENT]Name The Item!

    IGN - Artagosul ITEM - Light Spear
  19. Hello Everyone! Today at 19:30 (server time) we will organize a Guess The President(SERVER 1 Fire- Pvp) The Event Is Very Simple I'm asking you the country, and you have to tell me who the president of that country is. Example "Tell me Who is the President Of Romania? Answer: Klaus Iohannis(I want right name) 5 Rounds 100000 Diamonds Per Round GoodLuck
  20. Se va remedia problema la urmatorul update.
  21. Spam zi de zi Gaura ON pe post.. referire la numele meu Laura.. de pe toate caracterele lui Sasha / Idol / Misha ? Aliosha / Serghei etc.. ma cheama Laura si el face misto si ma Jigneste zicand pe post zi de zi Gaura.. in seara asta ii zice lui Odin tantalau pe post.. il jigneste fara motiv .. ba mai mult iar foloseste semn obscen pe post.. bineinteles tot cu referire la noi ! Aporpo Meta sper sa raspunzi doar tu la acest post.. persoanele care se baga aiurea sper sa fie penalizate ! Multumesc !
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