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  2. [!] Fixed Bug Tracker reported bugs [!] Fixed Mastery Damage Decrease bonus option (broke from last update)
  3. The problem has been solved. Thank you for report.
  4. The problem will been solved in next update. Thank you for report.
  5. Salut, Este o problema a clientului, acesta nefiind capabil de a afisa toate informatiile, datorita unei limite impuse de date din tooltip. Vom vedea daca putem face ceva in acest sens. Iti poti da seama ce set e citind lista de iteme din set de jos. Cele cu Conviction sunt de defense. Multumesc
  6. https://ibb.co/4MhgbqG Nu se mai vede numele la seturi si nu mai stim care sunt de deff si de atack
  7. MeTa

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Every Thursday or Friday morning we will do maintenance work (if necessary)
  8. MeTa

    Item Text Error

    The problem has been solved. Thank you for report. P.S. Your item has been fixed too.
  9. Eryck

    Item Text Error

    Am achizitionat itemul acesta si cand l-am echipat am observat o eroare.
  10. Earlier
  11. Problema a fost rezolvata, pentru mai multe detalii click aici
  12. Hello everyone, As many of you know there is an issue when trying to create a new character, it only allows you to create BK class. Until we set up the automatic update for this issue, if you wish to fix this manually please download and replace the IGC.dll file in your client folder. You can find the fixed version of it attached here. Best regards, RaptoЯ IGC.dll
  13. Salut, Scuze de raspunsul intarziat, problema este in curs de rezolvare, mai avem ceva minor de rezolvat, iar pana marti cel tarziu ( ca sa nu fac promisiuni aiurea cu seara asta), se va da un update care va rezolva situatia. Multumesc!
  14. Otzet

    In game BUG

    https://www.tebamu.com/download.html downloadeaza fontul Arial UNICODE
  15. kaNNabis

    In game BUG

    https://www.tebamu.com/download.html Install Arial Unicode!!
  16. Kink

    In game BUG

    Hy , anyone know how to solve this bug?? https://ibb.co/6ZZj5Tz
  17. Salut. Este o restrictie de a crea alt caracter inafara de BK? Ca pe mine nu ma lasa decat BK sa creez, restul imi apar cu gri. Mi-am creat un BK intre timp cu numele xBra sa vad cum e svr...
  18. Greetings TebaMU lovers, With the celebration of the New Year we have decided to make you an one time deal offer! Subscribe now for 1 year of gold member for only 20.22 EUR! The offer is valid between 04.01 ~ 10.01.2022 Click here to open store! We wish you a happy new year!
  19. 05. ALAN & KEPA - Vorba Aia feat. Ombladon, FDD (Videoclip Oficial) - YouTube
  20. cand ascultam noi melodia aia .... nu aveai nici spicul crescut la 00: noaptea
  21. As stated in the first post of this thread, each one of you will receive 5 Christmas Gifts for your Submissions. Extra 5 Gifts will be awarded as following: 1. Chosen for the best looking Tree 2. RiseR for extra interest in the event 3. Camaras for the "unusual" Tree, and also for bringing back memories All prizes will be added later today! The end of the Christmas Event has been announced here Best regards, TebaMU Staff
  22. RaptoЯ


    The X-Mas event will end tonight at 12:00 Server Time, after the Top Reset!
  23. Hello everyone, Submission period has ended. The winners shall be announced shortly! Be aware that in the winner selection process the others players feedback will be taken into account, but that doesn't mean your submitted tree will be on top. Our decision will also count !
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