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[EN] Game Rules


Added new rule:

People that will block the Blood Castle bridge for other players will result in a temporary WARN and then account suspension.

Message added by BmB1337

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Timpul necesar citirii: 3 minute

1 ) Comunicare

We do not accept any posting that the TebaMU Team deems illegal, offensive, offensive, threatening, abusive, with reference to real-life aggression, sexual, pornographic, extremist political content, religious fanaticism, racism, or inappropriate.
Spamming is also prohibited and will not be tolerated.
It is against the rules to claim to be a member of the TebaMU team or to suggest any kind of "friendship" with its members in order to gain benefits..

    Prohibited: advertising for other games, posting inappropriate content or links to such content, as well as posting links to money-making sites or other games.

    Threats are only accepted when it comes to game, not real life. For example, it is not forbidden to say that you will attack someone if they do not give you Diamonds. Instead, it is absolutely forbidden to tell someone that you will find him and beat him if he does not offer you Diamonds.

    The use of capital letters (Caps), as well as the posting of the same thing repeatedly (Spam) in the chat room, are forbidden, not being accepted by the conversation rules.

2 ) Trolling of Administrators/Support Team

The TebaMU team will NOT tolerate insults, mockery, bad jokes, bad attitude, provocation or disturbing events.

3 ) Transfer of Account or Diamonds

You are not allowed to play on a commercial account. It is not permitted to sell / buy / offer accounts in exchange for Diamonds or for any other outside benefit.

An account may be transferred free of charge to another person with the express consent of the Support Team prior to the transfer.

4) Bots and scripts

It is strictly forbidden to use bots or scripts.


     It is strictly forbidden to use bots or scripts that collect resources automatically.

     The use of click-bots or scripts that reduce manual clicks is prohibited.

     It is also forbidden to use programs that copy certain features or offer incorrect benefits.

     It is allowed to use a gaming mouse provided that it repeats a maximum of 3 keys (qwe or 123). Otherwise the gaming mouse is forbidden.

5 ) Bugs

It is mandatory for each player to report bugs or critical errors to the TebaMU team immediately. A player must not knowingly take advantage of a bug.
If you notice that a player is abusively getting certain benefits, you should report them immediately.
If you notice a spelling or text mistake, you are not required to report it, but please do so to improve the game.

6 ) Donations and Refunds

Any donation made to DivinityMU is non-refundable. It should be noted that the purchase of Diamonds / Objects / Premium Services (hereinafter "products") and donations are completely different. We do NOT sell products, we ONLY accept donations made voluntarily by the account user. All donations have their own rewards for server maintenance and monthly expenses. Any donation made is non-refundable. Whether you donated once or 100 times, you are just like any other player who did not donate and will receive the same type of support. There will be no distinction between players. Whether the players are donors or not, the treatment will be the same. If the rules are broken, donors may also be banned.  If, for any reason, a donor is banned, all items in their accounts will be blocked along with the account. Also, the donated amount will not be refunded. The DivinityMU administration does not issue refunds for any product once the order has been delivered. Refund of a donated amount will be made only with proof, by the APPLICANT, if the products have not been delivered for various reasons. Attempting a fake donation or canceling after delivery of the products will result in permanent blocking of the account and access to the server.


8 ) Others

Please ensure that your actions as a player show respect for other members of the DivinityMU community. Following the rules helps to create a relaxed and fair environment for everyone.
The TebaMU team is the last referee in case of any dispute over the rules. The final decision on how to interpret the rules belongs to him and cannot be challenged.
The TebaMU team reserves the right to exclude anyone from the game.
If you encounter a player that you believe is violating the rules in any form, please contact Support Team or report it from the Report panel.
Knowingly benefiting from another player's violation of the rules is also prohibited. If you believe that you have benefited from the infringement, please report it.

These rules can be adapted to different situations in order to maintain a fair game.

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