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The Wolf Knight (Event Info)

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  The statue of CryWolf was created from the ancient strength of elves so it has a power to protect itself from the evil sprits which keeps away Kundun's troops. But the statue becomes weak once a week and gets attacked by Kundun's troops led by Balgass. Every Sunday, Kundun makes his plan to attack the statue the next day. Keep this statue alive every day and you will receive Wolf Knight title.

     If the statue is not saved, some penalties will be applied throughout the MU Continent. What are you waiting for, Crywolf is asking for your help. Only you can save this continent.

     The ranking is made according to each score achieved in the events described above as follows:

  • If you kill Balgass you will receive 7,000 Points
  • If you kill Dark Elf you will receive 3,000 Points
  • If you kill Tanker you will receive 1,000 Points
  • If you kill Soram you will receive 700 Points
  • If you kill Balram you will receive 600 Points
  • If you kill Death spirit you will receive 600 Points

     More information https://www.tebamu.com/event-54.html


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