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[UPDATE] Season 16

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Hello everyone,


Today is the launch day for Season 16, and before that i would like to present to you the new features, and changes brought to the server.

First of all the launch Hour will be delayed a bit, but the server will be opened Today!

A Big Event shall be commenced after the final fixes and PvP settings that will be updated in a few days. Due to this matter the Fire Server will not be opened until the next update. However the Ice and Gold servers will be readily available so you can all get in touch with the new features, and start grinding in order to reach the final tiers of the mastery items.

Below you'll find the list of changes:

1. Mastery Items conversion.

All your personal Mastery Items (Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel...etc.) have been changed according to the Webzen default system, from Socket items to Ancient items. Please note that no items had been lost, and all of your items are on your account.

The change has been made for the usage of the Mastery Upgrade System, which uses ingredients found in Ruud Shop to upgrade your items up to Manticore for Sets, and Silver Heart for weapons.


2. Diamonds denomination.

All diamonds have been reduced by a factor of 100. This denomination means that 100.000 diamonds before the update now equals 1.000 diamonds.

The denomination was necessary in order to avoid errors in database due to high values.


3. Ruud

Ruud system has been implemented. Ruud can be obtained from bosses and events, as well as from X-Shop, with the conversion price of 1 Diamond=10 Ruud


4. Elemental system changes

Elemental system has been reworked by removing elemental damage requirements from normal mobs, and keeping it for bosses and Elite type Monsters.

4.1 Elemental damage for PvM according to Pentagram Element

Damage tables for pentagrams has been changed and below you will find a list of effectiveness against elements for each type of element.
Please note that these changes apply only for PvM

Fire element
Effective against: Fire (100%) Darkness (110%)

Weak against: Wind, Water, Earth

Water element
Effective against: Water (100%) Fire (110%)

Weak against: Wind, Earth, Darkness

Earth element
Effective against: Earth (100%) Water(110%)

Weak against: Wind, Fire, Darkness

Wind element
Effective against: Wind (100%) Earth (110%)

Weak against: Fire, Water, Darkness

Darkness element
Effective against: Darkness (100%) Wind (110%)

Weak against: Fire, Water, Earth

-All mobs that carry an element now are receiving damage according to the system described above. To effectively kill a mob that carry an element you must go to an area of the specific element that you carry, or equip a pentagram according to the list above.


5. Elite Mobs System

All Elite mobs are elemental type mobs, and can receive only elemental damage.
Mobs can be found in their respective maps on the "Elite zones"


5.1 Elite Mobs

Elite mobs can be found in the following Maps:

 Abyss of Atlans
-Elite Great Lizard King

lizard king.png
-Elite Silver Valkyrie

silver valk.png



Scorched Canyon
-Elite Scorched Warrior

scorched warrior.png
-Elite Scorched Wizard

scorched wizard.png
-Elite Scorched Assassin

scorched assassin.png

Red Smoke Icarus

-Elite Drakan

elite great drakan.png
-Elite Phoenix of Darkness

elite Dark Phoenix.png


Arenil Temple
-Elite Temple Ogre

elite temple ogre.png
-Elite Temple Gremlin

elite temple gremlin.png

-Elite Temple Gargoyle

elite temple gargoyle.png

5.2 Elite Mobs Drop List

Elite Mobs will drop Mastery Items.

All elite mobs have a chance to drop special items like (Please note that the items in the list below will drop depending of your luck):

Golden Sentence 1-10
Diamonds- 100, 500, 1000, 10000
Elite Healing Potion 10-25
Jewel of Bless 5-15
Jewel of Soul 5-15
Jewel of Creation 1-10
Elemental Talisman of Luck 5-10%
Muun Egg
Lapidary Stone 10-20
Talisman of Luck 1-10%
Seed Capsule (Fire)
Seed Capsule (Water)
Seed Capsule (Ice)
Seed Capsule (Wind)
Seed Capsule (Lightning)
Seed Capsule (Earth)
Jewel of Harmony 1-10
Jewel of Dark Life
Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Socket Upgrade Note
Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Garuda Flame
Rage Earring (L) (R)
Pentagram Box (Low) (Medium) (High)
Jewel of Excess
Jewel of Luck
Jewel of Science
Jewel of Wisdom
Jewel of Kundun
Jewel of Kondar
Sealed Stone Shard
Holyangel Spirit
Cold Marriage
Ancestral Spirit
Manticore Soul
Darkangel Anvil
Holyangel Anvil
Soul Moru (Awakening Anvil)
Blue Eye Anvil
Silver Heart Anvil
Ancestral Earring (L) (R)
Honor Earring (L) (R)
Blessing of Spirit
Radiance Scroll
Tradeable Seal
Ice Dragon Seal
Battle Jasper Necklace Box
Battle Lagoon Necklace Box
Talisman of Element Change
Ancestral Frame
Glory of Honor

For any questions related to the systems or the changes please reply here


Best Regards,


scorched assassin.png

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Ice Server  is now Online.

Gold Server will be available on 18-01-2021.

Fire Server will be available on 22-01-2021.

Grand Reset function will be available sunday night, the rest of the functions displayed on the website control panel or events will be available after 22-01-2021.

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