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A gift for everyone

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Dear MU-tizens,

     We know that you love freebies, so as a welcoming gift we are giving you a few things to cheer you up, and most importantly to help you get started in your ascension on The TebaMU Continent.

     Did you know that TebaMU has Gold Members? Yes, we have quite a lot of gold members that have lots of advantages such as: Dedicated channel, increased experience, access to the Arena Map, increased item drop, higher rates, discounts to XShop and many others that can be found here. As a welcoming gift we offer you 7 days of gold member status to have a more pleasant experience along us.

     The main trading Coin on the TebaMU Continent are Diamonds. With them you can buy everything starting from Stats and up to the last item available. You can obtain Diamonds from Grand Reset, Events, Trading, and donations. To make your day better we are giving you the equal amount to a Grand Reset in Diamonds, for free!


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