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[Muun] are pets with special abilities under specific conditions.

Additional Info

  • [Muun] are stored and equipped via [Muun Inventory].
  • [Muun Inventory] hot-key: [Y]
  • Two [Muun] can be equipped via the [Main] & equipment slot.
  • [Muun] equipped in the [Main] equipment slot will be summoned in the game.
  • [Muun] equipped in the equipment slot do not appear in the game.
  • [Muun] have unique [Muun Option] which buffs a character when the item is equipped.
  • [Muun Option] will only take effect when the [Muun's] specific condition is met.
  • [Muun] [HP] decreases over time, while it is equipped.
  • A [Jewel of Life] restores [100%] of [Muun] [HP].
  • [Muun] do not affect [PVP], unless noted in the [Muun Option] description.
  • [Mount Muun] can be mounted via [Ctrl]+[Z], but must be equipped in the [Main] equipment slot.
  • [Mount Muun] cannot be mounted in the following areas:
    • Any [Safe-Zone]
    • [Chaos Castle]
    • [Illusion Temple]

[Muun] Upgrade
[Muun Level] can be increased to increase the [Muun Option] value.

Additional Info
  • Place a [Level 1] [Muun] on another [Muun] item of the same type to upgrade the [Muun] item.
  • The [Level 1] [Muun] will be consumed and the other item's [Muun Level] will be increased by [+1].
  • [Muun] upgrade with [100%] success.
  • [Muun Option] value increases per [Muun Level].
  • The [Muun] appearance will also change as [Muun Level] increases.
  • The [Muun] appearance greatly changes after [Muun Evolution].
  • A [Muun] item with max [Muun Level] can execute [Muun Evolution].
  • To execute [Muun Evolution], use an [Evolution Stone] of the same [Muun] type on the item.
  • [Evolution Stone] items can be obtained from:
    • NPC [Monica]




What is [Muun Grade]?
  • [Muun Grade] describes the item's max [Muun Level]:
    • [Grade 1] (0): [Level 2] max
    • [Grade 2] (00): [Level 3] max
    • [Grade 3] (000): [Level 4] max
    • [Grade 4] (0000): [Level 5] max


*Note: Muun eggs are available in xshop in game. And you may find them on maps: Darkness (F) , Abyss of Atlans (F) , Canyon.




We made a video to explain faster how you evolve it:


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