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    • 25 October 2020 04:00 PM Until 06:00 PM
      It starts at 18:00 Server Time.
    • 28 October 2020 04:00 PM
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    • We are working on the new POWERUP Shop, I can't say an exact date because there is a lot to do
    • The Winners Are: iWaLy x4 spartan x1 Dahbo x2 MoiSe x3 Congrats Everyone.
    • Today at 12:30 (server time) we will organize a Find and Trade Event.(SERVER 1 Fire-   Pvp)   We will host 5 Rounds of Find and Trade to win in Server 1 Fire  Pvp!   So how to play this event?  Mechanics: We will be hosting 10 Rounds of Find and Trade Event Every Round = 1 WINNER Prepare and be the fastest player to find the GMS  Prize: 50000 Diamonds per Round!   Dont forget to vote TebaMu!
    • The Winners Are: Aragorn x3  Hiroyuki x1 PosEdaT x6   Congrats Everyone
    • Today at 10:30 (server time) we will organize a Number in Words Event. (SERVER 1 Fire -Pvp)   Number in Words Event 10 Rounds!   Prize: 50,000 Diamonds / Per Round! Well in this Event, GM will give a number and the Player must Answer it in Words .. Answer via / post Example: GM: The Number is 300 Player: Three Hundred
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