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Mass PK Event

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Hello Teba-Players,


Today I`ll host a Mass PK Event at 13:00 [Server Time] with following steps:


- Recruiting for 5 minutes the players willing to participate.

- In order the event to take place, there are needed 7 participants minimum.

- The mass PK will stop when there'll be only 3 players alive.

-Map : Lost Tower 1 entrance.

-Server: Fire




1. Having a party with someone and also having buffs from other classes are prohibited.

2. If someone dies will have to stay in safe-zone not to come back to fight.

3. If anyone will start to hit before i say "GO" will be disqualified.

4. The last 3 standing players will fight again for their places, prizes




1st place - 100.000 Diamonds

2nd place - 75.000 Diamonds

3rd place - 50.000 Diamonds

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