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[UPDATE] 1.00.12 Changelog

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[!] Fixed Client visual value of Mastery Excellent Option "Increase Maximum Life" - from 4% to 6%
[!] Excellent and Master Excellent Option "Increases the amount of Zen acquired for hunting monsters" renamed to "Increase Zen Drop"
[!] Fixed Mana Shield issue (Soul Barrier)
[!] Fixed Solid Protection skill issue
[!] Royal Buff Damage Abs. decrease to 2%
[!] Fixed Innovation and Weakness debuff
[!] Bat Flock CD is set to 2 sec.
[!] Sword Inertia CD removed.
[!] Blood Howling CD set to 60 sec.
[!] GL Burst CD removed.
[!] Evasion CD removed.
[!] RW Burst cd set to 25 sec.
[!] RW Haste cd set to 25 sec.
[!] General PvP Configuration like Castle Siege & Arca
[!] Fixed some Gold Member benefits.
[!] Other small fixes


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