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  1. @zozike aripi permanente este exclus. Daily Reset va fi si el functionabil in urmatoarele zile. @Killu Nu a ramas nimic in pom, astept pareri si propuneri.
  2. Este vorba de PK in zonele Battle?
  3. Riki suspendat 1 zi. P.S. Nu are legatura limbajul cu PK-ul. Exista Ice/Gold Channel unde nu se poate face PK iar daca este vorba de zonele special destinate PK-ului (Battle), nu exista PK excesiv.
  4. Lucram la itemshop, saptamana urmatoare pot spune cu exactitate cand este gata.
  5. Incearca acum sa-l repari
  6. Astept propuneri pentru Gens Reward
  7. Verifica acum
  8. Momentan nu se pot procura. Dar daca se dorect, le pot adauga.
  9. Maintenance over. For more details https://www.divinitymu.org/index.php?/mu-online-subject/709-update-10007/
  10. MeTa

    [UPDATE] 1.00.07

    The TebaMU Server has successfully upgraded to version 1.00.07 Changelogs: [!] Fixed Gremory Case reward receipt duration for BC, DC, DS events [!] Fixed Monster Spawn Event issues [!] Fixed corrupted Errtels coming as a result of events reward [!] Fixed steel armor skill of Slayer not working [!] Fixed upgrade mix of Ice Dragon does not properly detect options count of input item [!] Fixed 380 item options lost after sale in Personal Store [!] Fixed not visible party matching list after opening the PM window [!] Fixed Party Matching list not appearing [!] Fixed occasional game client close upon use use of Sword Blow skill [!] Fixed visual issues while teleporting with mounts [!] Fixed muuns hide for anti-lag plugin [!] Fixed Personal Store withdrawal of improper jewels amount [!] Fixed not working luck rate setting for third wings mix [!] Fixed deletion of selected talismans for item level upgrade mix [!] Fixed personal store visual issues and item price set bug [!] Fixed character select visual issues after char deletion [!] Fixed Solid Protection and Wrath infinite damage increase issue [!] Fixed not working circle shield skill [+] Remade 3D Camera Plugin (F6 to Enable/Disable, right mouse button to rotate, scroll to zoom) [+] Added Gun Crusher 4th wings (some visual issues may occur) - (in xshop will be available in next days) [!] Fixed Gremory Case issue when withdrawing items from Personal Store [!] Fixed selection of Talismans use with Item Level Upgrade mix [!] Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly [!] Fixed fail on 100% success rate for selection of Chaos Box mixes [!] Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working [!] Excluded Labyrinth/4th Class Quest from CryWolf benefits/penalties [!] Fixed COMBO skill effect appears at invalid cases [!] Fixed auto-stack of siege potions [!] Fixed shift+F7 crash game client in certain scenarios [!] Fixed selection of mastery upgrade mix not working when input item option is greater than 16 [+] Added +1 mob on all spots (+2 to Arena Gold Channel) - normal leveling + master leveling spots [!] Mastery Upgrade Materials can be sell to NPC [!] Gens Crusade Reward will be automatically added at the beginning of each month (Prestige Reset will be manually - Reboot needed) [!] Restart Gens Crusade Event To update your client, open MU.exe from client main location and it will be automatically done. If you encounter difficulties with the automatic update, you can download the 1.00.07 patch here. Unzip it and add the files to the client main folder location. If you have any questions related to this update, please write in this topic. Respect, MeTa
  11. Maintenance will be postponed for tomorrow 04 April @ 12:00 GST
  12. Greetings MU-tizens, There will be scheduled maintenance performed on 03 April 2021 @ After Arca War Please refer to the following maintenance details. [Maintenance Schedule] 15 - 30 minutes Purpose: - bugs fix **Please note - The details of schedule is subject to change. Cheers,
  13. Salut @BioHaZzarD Momentan aripile level 4 pentru Gun Crasher nu sunt disponibile. Vor fi adaugate dupa urmatorul update. Cu respect,
  14. Salut @Stranger Toate itemele / buff-urile care exipira le-au fost atribuite ieri 40 de zile. 20 de zile pierdute + 20 de zile bonus. Cei care nu au avut nevoie 30 de zile de aceste buff-uri, nu vor avea nici acum.
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