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  1. MeTa

    [Event] Puzzle Pieces 5

    Rewards have been added. Congratulations! @WarStyle next time read the posting conditions carefully
  2. Dear friends, We inform you that on January 30th we have a scheduled maintenance to take place at 05:00 PM (Server Time - GMT+0). Expected duration: 30 minutes. During the maintenance, access to the server will be unavailable. Website access and Discord support will continue as normal. What do we do in this maintenance? After Maintenance, all the benefits of the winter event will be canceled and the rewards will return to normal. The Game Client will be updated before the maintenance. Client update is mandatory! If you encounter problems with the auto-updater, we will also post a manual patch and the full client will be updated. P.S. PvP Balance update will take place this week (05 - 06 February). The first Castle Siege/Arca War will start with this week. Thank you for understanding!
  3. MeTa

    Cloak of Hatred

    This bug will be fixed in P1-3 version
  4. MeTa

    [Event] Puzzle Pieces 4

    The rewards has been added. Congratulations! There are 2 puzzles left LINK 3: https://www.jigidi.com/solve/q7ye5ez3/puzzle10/ LINK 5: https://www.jigidi.com/solve/jl6cd0zv/puzzle12/
  5. MeTa

    Bug sumoner !?

    Astazi vom termina PvM Balance. Am rugamintea sa imi spui contul cu summonerul (de preferat private msg) in cauza sa iti ofer acces pe serverul de test unde sunt aplicate setarile pvm sa imi spui daca au fost rezolvate problemele de mai sus. Multumesc!
  6. This problem has been solved. If there are someone with items for DL who have dropped the box with the summoner, please let me know @Greuceanu
  7. MeTa

    CC Bug

    You do anything special when this happens? I tested 10 CCs and did not have this bug
  8. The rewards has been added. Congratulations everyone
  9. Ai testat pe mobi daca iti creste dmg-ul?
  10. Dear friends, We know that you are all waiting for the update that will solve the pvp balance, but unfortunately a few days ago a member of my family has passed away and my activity was suspended. I will resume work starting tomorrow and I predict that in 6-7 days I will be able to release the update with all the fixes. We apologize for the extended waiting period and thank you for choosing our server! I would also like to thank @Fury and @BmB1337 for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere!
  11. MeTa

    [Event] Puzzle Pieces 3

    The prize has been added. Congratulations! There are 4 puzzles left
  12. Deschide font si sus in stanga ai Install
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