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  1. Greetings MU-tizens, If you choose to become Gold Member by the end of this week, you will receive Diamonds as Bonus. More details in Store! The offer is available until 12-09-2021 Respectfully, MeTa
  2. I am pleased to announce that we offer for 24 hours some bonuses and discounts as: +100% Diamonds Packs (+Personal Bonus) +100% Jewel of Kundun Packs 50% Discont for Ice Dragon (Rare) and Wings of Champion Respectfully, MeTa
  3. Based on these 2 video records + checking the coordinates according to the records and /reset written at the exact time interval, MoiSe banned 7 days (there are 6 days left since he was temporarily banned ) for Cheating (Macro Software) + 15 Grand Resets Removed (and Rewards too). Next time you will be permanently banned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQLP3dAotRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5iR_xqCC7c
  4. Try to compare Nixies (Gold Member) with Nixies (Normal Member)
  5. Greetings MU-tizens, I am pleased to announce that we offer for 24 hours (Store and ItemShop) some bonuses such as: Gold Member Bonus +50% Wings of Power Bonus +25% ItemShop Discount 10% Offer available until 05/09/2021 @ 12:00 Server Time Respectfully, MeTa
  6. [PvP] Gun Crusher Damage -25% and Defense +2% Soul Master Damage +10% Rage Fighter Damage +5% and Defense -5% Rune Wizzard Defense +5% Dark Lord Defense +3% ELf Defense +7% Magic Gladiator Damage +10% and Defense -5% (MG will be remaked on S16 P2-2 Update) Summoner Damage +3% Lancer Damage +3% Slayer Defense +5% (SL will be remaked on S16 P2-2 Update) [Others] Fixed Arca War Buffs -------------------------------- Next Version Changelog Fixed all MUUNs Review Summoner Debuff (need greater effect) Other small fix for some skills and events Full Client reupload
  7. MoiSe account temporarily banned for investigation
  8. Here you can find more info https://www.tebamu.com/mu-online/season-16/mu-guide/Dynamic Experience System/private-server/game-guide/1082/
  9. Maintenance Over. This version (02-09-2021) is the final version of PvP Config. The Changelog will be listed soon
  10. Maintenance postponed for 2 September @ 12:00
  11. https://www.divinitymu.org/index.php?/mu-online-subject/1178-scheduled-maintenance-on-01092021-gst/ - New PvP Config (based on what you required) - post what is NOT OK until maintenance, after that, all pvp requests will be ignored.
  12. Vă rugăm să tratați ceilalți membri cu respect. Respectarea regulilor ajută la crearea unui mediu distractiv și echitabil pentru toată lumea. SatanS, ai primit avertisment pentru limbaj licentios.
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