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[Cheating] MoiSe

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Based on these 2 video records + checking the coordinates according to the records and /reset written at the exact time interval, MoiSe banned 7 days (there are 6 days left since he was temporarily banned )  for  Cheating (Macro Software) + 15 Grand Resets Removed (and Rewards too).

Next time you will be permanently banned.







    Using 3rd party software to alter the gameplay is prohibited.

    Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the DivinityMU Team. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs.

    If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him.

    If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obligated to report it, however you are encouraged to do so for the improvement of the game.

    If we detect macro softwares or similar applications/scripts/mouse or keyboard, you will be suspended for the first time 7 days.


Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account


Please keep in mind that some items/diamonds can be substracted by DivinityMU Staff from your account/character(s) as a penalty for rule breaking.


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