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Account and Password Protection

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Hello everyone,

For us your personal data, and privacy safety is our main concern. In order to help you stay safe we have some suggestions that we encourage you to follow.

This Guide Line should act like a first line defense in most cases, and should allow you to enjoy all that is offered by our community.


Account and Password safety

The best defense in Account and Password safety is the simplest one.Avoid sharing your account details!

Even if we have guild members or online friends that we believe that they have the best intentions for us, most cases proved us that this is not true. The most common cause for Account, and/or items loss is sharing the account data with other players.

Due to this reason we encourage you not to share your account and password to anyone!

As you may have seen, our Rule Set is very strict about this matter, and we repeat that you should avoid sharing account details at any cost, because it will lead to your suspension.

Regarding your password security we suggest that you change it on a regular basis, use Upper case and lower case letters, as well as symbols and numbers.

Avoid using personal info as your password, or using older passwords that you may have shared in the past with other players.


Personal Information Sharing

One of the features that Mu Online is offering us is Social Interaction. You can socialise with a great number of people from all corners of the world, talk to them, and share the feelings that the game is offering you.

We sure do want you to enjoy the game experience, but we strongly reccomend to avoid sharing personal, and/or sensitive information about you, or your family.

First of all you must take precaution about who you're talking to online, because not everyone is who they say they are!

Avoid at all costs sharing details like your birth date, address, or any other kind of sensitive information about yourself!

Please be cautious about persons that are asking you for this kind of info, and if you feel unsafe about sharing the info you are free to report the issue.

Your online safety is extremely important for us, and we will take swift actions if we believe that your online safety may be compromised


Avoid using Third Party Software

As everyone know, the internet is full of available third party software that may be directly or indirectly related to MuOnline.

As almost all of them are not developed by us we strongly discourage you to use them. The reason for this is that using Third Party Software is known to cause Connection Issues to the server, or Game Client misbehaviour.

As the game is under continuous developement around the usual player base that is using our products in ideal conditions, using Third party software will cause issues that other players that don't use that software won't have.

Also using Third Party Software related to MuOnline may be considered a Violation of the Rule Set, and we reserve the right to suspend anyone who we detect using such software


For additional Questions, Issues or Reports please feel free to contact us.


We thank you for choosing to play MuOnline along us, and take care!

Best regards,


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