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  1. Salut, Multumim de sugestii, vom anunta decizia la urmatorul update.
  2. Salutare, Problema va fi rezolvata definitiv la mentenanta. Este nevoie de un update de client care se va face impreuna cu alte fixuri. Pana atunci va rog sa postati aici numele caracterelor pe care aveti probleme cu aceste aripi, iar in cazul celor permanente sa le puneti in vault pentru a le fi adaugate optiunile lipsa. Multumesc!
  3. By activating your account on this forum, you hereby agree the following rule set. Acknowledging and reading the following rules falls into your responsibility General Rules Accessing this Forum is not a right, but a privilege. The Staff reserve their right to decide what is best for this Forum. It's forbidden to have a Nick Name that contains any words related to extremism, illegal activities, pornography, or other socially innapropiate words. 1. Behaviour 1.1 Treat the other members on this forum with respect, and use a civic apropiate language. Please note that on this forum there are members from different categories of Age, which have a different game experience from case to case; that's why we ask you to be patient because in some cases some questions posted here may seem "childish", or "stupid". 1.2. Forum Members are not allowed to pose as Moderators, or Staff Members. All tentatives to pose as one of the Staff Members will be severely punished. 1.3. Please don't reply to Off-Topic threads or replies, and don't use replies as "first here". or "i wrote here too", because these kind of actions are forbidden, and will be deleted. 1.4 Please avoid reproaches to grammar or ortographic mistakes of other members. If one's style of writing is very poor, or his grammar is turning a reply or a thread into an unreadable text, feel free to report his/her message and one Staff Member will take care of the issue. 1.5. Forum Members are forbidden to provoke Staff Members, also they are forbidden to create Threads with the purpose of creating conflicts or flame with other members. 1.6 Forum Members which will deliberately act against the community developement on this Forum will be permanently banned 1.7 You can use different methods to provoke your ingame "enemies", but keep in mind that you may only use arguments that are related to the game. Insults, mockery or personal attacks are not tolerated anywhere, be it forum or forum personal messenger 1.8 Sharing/posting personal information of another member without his or her consent is strictly forbidden. This applies either for informations that you personally received from that person, or from others. 2. Posting Rules 2.1 Any post or reply which contains politics content, ethnic, racism, pornographic, violent or illegal content, also reffering to drug, or illegal substance usage is strictly forbidden. In extreme cases this may lead to a permanent ban ---2.1.1 Each forum member is directly responsible for his entire message content. In case of quotation of forbidden content you will be sanctioned accordingly to the severity of rule break. ---2.1.2. Banners or recruiting links in threads or replies are strictly forbidden ---2.1.3 Advertising another website, or any other activity not related to our Forum is strictly forbidden 2.2 If you wish to reply to a thread, or question please make sure that you stay on topic. If you cannot offer any relevant information, or answer, is better to not reply. 2.3 Discussions between 2 members on the forum must be carried through forum's internal personal messenger, and not on forum. If you must quote someone's answer please quote only the relevant parts so the threads won't become too big and cumbersome to read. 2.4 In order to avoid multiple replies with the same argument please read the entire thread, and all of it's replies before you add your own reply. Also please pay attention and search if some other similar thread hasn't been opened before you post. 2.5 Please pay attention on which category you use to post a thread. Use the appropiate category otherwise the Staff will be forced to move your thread. When posting an issue, or a complaint please choose a subject that can best describe the issue itself. Include your subject in your thread and when you request help please provide as much info as you can about your problem. 2.6 Please check your text before you post. This way you can be sure that your text is correct and easy to understand by the others. Easy misspelling is permited, but in case of illegible content, and repeated uses of illegible content which will not be understood by other members, or staff, sanctions may be applied ---2.6.1 All messages must contain at least 4 words. Messages that don't meet this criteria will be treated as Spam, and dealt accordingly. All abbreviations like "LOL", "BRB", "ROFLMAO", "ICU", etc. will be treated as single words. Messages won't be completed with other words without context to subject. 2.7 It's strictly forbidden to post for another member that has been banned. His punishment has been given for rule breaking, and that means he cannot post here until his ban is lifted. Trying to break this rule will be considered an offense to the Staff Team, and will be dealt accordingly. ---2.7.1 If a member is temporary banned, his rights to post or reply to threads are temporary suspended on that account. He can use his other accounts to post, or reply to thread except the section on which he received his ban. Posting or replying on the same section that the user has been previously banned will lead to permanent ban on the account used for seccond time posting. Multiple rule breaks will lead to permanent account suspension on all of said player accounts. In some cases this may extent also to his game accounts. 2.8 It's strictly forbidden to post a full or partially full conversation that took place in a private message system which contains insults, mockery, or accusation of the Staff Team Posting discussions that have been between you and the Support team without their consent is strictly forbidden. This will lead directly to a ban. Moreover is strictly forbidden to post discussions with other players without the consent of all the involved parties, if the messages contain words forbidden by the present rule set. 2.9 It's forbidden to use content for which you do not have a Copyright 2.10 Starting another thread on a subject that already exists and the thread was closed by a Moderator is not permitted. If you insist to reopen the thread please request this via a private message to the Moderator that closed the previous thread. 2.11 Consecutive replies that only contain additions to the previous replies will be considered "Message Hunt", and will be dealt accordingly. If you have something else to add use the "Edit" button to complete your post. 3. Pictures, Signatures and Avatars: 3.1 Posting pictures is permitted as long as they are in line with our present rule set, and in context with the subject of the thread. Maximum allowed dimension is 640x480 (with an exception for the ingame pictures), maximum size will be 500 kb. Pictures that are out of the previously stated limits must be included in a "Spoiler Tag" 3.2 Signature (image) must fit in the following dimensions: 100 pixels (Height), 500 Pixels (Length), or in ase of texts, must not be longer than 4 lines of text. Avatars must have 80x80 pixels. Banners or recruiting links are strictly forbidden to be used in signatures. Avatars and signatures will be treated using rules from section 1, and 2. 3.3 It is strictly forbidden to use avatars or signatures with the purpose of mocking, insult, or accuse other players or the Stff. 4. Forum Sections and New Threads 4.1 Some Forum sections may have special rules. Please read, and acknowledge them before opening a new thread. 4.2 Please use an appropiate title when opening a new thread. Don't use incomplete titles or single words like "lol", "problem", or "Attention". 5. Punishment 5.1 Rule breaking may be sanctioned in first phases with a simple warning, and if the rules are repeatedly broken by the same user this will lead to a suspension ranging from a temporary suspension, and up to a permanent one. 5.2 Creating other accounts with the purpose of avoiding suspension of your main account is strictly forbidden. This will lead to a permanent ban on your account. In case of temporary bans, also it is forbidden to create other accounts. This will lead to a permanent suspension on the newly created account, and an extension of the ban on the main account. 5.3 In extreme cases forum accounts may be permanent closed, along with your game account, and also a filter will be applied. 6. Staff and Moderator actions. 6.1 Moderators and Staff members have the right to edit, delete messages, or close threads. If your message have been deleted, or edited that means the Moderator who did this had a very good reason. Please follow the rules, and don't repost a message that have been deleted by one of the Staff Members 6.2 Generally speaking the Moderators who are involved in a topic from the position of player will avoid implication, replies, or actions to that specific topic, if there are not severe rule breaks. 6.3 All complaints and criticism about Moderators actions or forum Administrators (Ingame Administrators too) including received punishment, will be done only through the internal support system. Any attempt to open a thread on this matter will be treated as a rule break and will be dealt accordingly, also the thread will be deleted. 6.4 In extreme cases, we reserve the right to close accounts, even if none of the above rules apply. Best regards, RaptoЯ
  4. RaptoЯ

    Visual bug

    Utilizatorului i s-a dat un warn pentru comentariul in afara subiectului acestui Thread de catre MeTa Ca si adaugare, OneLov3, te rog ca pe viitor sa te abții de la a raspunde in afara subiectului la toate postarile, deoarece urmatoarea abatere se va solda cu un concediu de multe zile pe forum. Multumesc! P.S. Eu nu sunt asa de permisiv
  5. Hello everyone, For us your personal data, and privacy safety is our main concern. In order to help you stay safe we have some suggestions that we encourage you to follow. This Guide Line should act like a first line defense in most cases, and should allow you to enjoy all that is offered by our community. Account and Password safety The best defense in Account and Password safety is the simplest one.Avoid sharing your account details! Even if we have guild members or online friends that we believe that they have the best intentions for us, most cases proved us that this is not true. The most common cause for Account, and/or items loss is sharing the account data with other players. Due to this reason we encourage you not to share your account and password to anyone! As you may have seen, our Rule Set is very strict about this matter, and we repeat that you should avoid sharing account details at any cost, because it will lead to your suspension. Regarding your password security we suggest that you change it on a regular basis, use Upper case and lower case letters, as well as symbols and numbers. Avoid using personal info as your password, or using older passwords that you may have shared in the past with other players. Personal Information Sharing One of the features that Mu Online is offering us is Social Interaction. You can socialise with a great number of people from all corners of the world, talk to them, and share the feelings that the game is offering you. We sure do want you to enjoy the game experience, but we strongly reccomend to avoid sharing personal, and/or sensitive information about you, or your family. First of all you must take precaution about who you're talking to online, because not everyone is who they say they are! Avoid at all costs sharing details like your birth date, address, or any other kind of sensitive information about yourself! Please be cautious about persons that are asking you for this kind of info, and if you feel unsafe about sharing the info you are free to report the issue. Your online safety is extremely important for us, and we will take swift actions if we believe that your online safety may be compromised Avoid using Third Party Software As everyone know, the internet is full of available third party software that may be directly or indirectly related to MuOnline. As almost all of them are not developed by us we strongly discourage you to use them. The reason for this is that using Third Party Software is known to cause Connection Issues to the server, or Game Client misbehaviour. As the game is under continuous developement around the usual player base that is using our products in ideal conditions, using Third party software will cause issues that other players that don't use that software won't have. Also using Third Party Software related to MuOnline may be considered a Violation of the Rule Set, and we reserve the right to suspend anyone who we detect using such software For additional Questions, Issues or Reports please feel free to contact us. We thank you for choosing to play MuOnline along us, and take care! Best regards, RaptoЯ
  6. RaptoЯ

    Visual bug

    Salut, Dupa ce vad eu pare a fi antilag activ din client. Te rog sa reverifici prin apasarea de shift + tastele 1-9 sa fie valorile pe 0 nu pe 1, iar daca persista, singura recomandare “la rece” pe care pot sa ti-o dau acum este actualizarea driverelor de la placa video si reinstalarea clientului. Dar eu zic ca e activ antilagul din client.
  7. RaptoЯ

    DL BUG

    Salut, Punctul 1 si 5 sunt normale. Toate caracterele stau pe pet si in safe zone, iar cand ataci el dispare, insa nu afecteaza beneficiile acestuia. Pentru punctele 2/3/4, vreau sa stiu daca mai ai alt client deschis cand se intampla asta. S-au mai raportat anomalii de client, datorata deschiderii de sesiuni multiple.
  8. Salutare tuturor, Dupa cum bine stiti, in trecut Wings of Power si alte iteme din categoria premium se obtineau foarte greu, sau doar in anumite circumstante. Cu timpul acestea au devenit usor usor accesibile pentru mai multi utilizatori, respectandu-se conditiile de imposibilitate de mutare a acestora pe alte conturi. Incepand din acest moment va oferim 7 zile la dispozitie sa va puteti muta aripile Power, dragonii si celelalte iteme premium care nu pot fi mutate prin mijloace conventionale (trade). Totodata dorim sa mentionam faptul ca se va renunta la sistemul de ofertare pentru donatorii vechi, care erau nevoiti sa ceara oferte personalizate prin alte mijloace, neavand un barem de beneficii direct proportional. Pentru acestia ofertele sunt valabile in store prin intermediul sistemului Bonus, care este automatizat. Va rugam sa adresati solicitarile pentru mutarea itemelor printr-un pm pe forum, fie prin mail la adresa [email protected], fie pe discord: MeTa#0114 RaptoЯ#0870 EN: Hello everyone, As you are well aware, in the past the Wings of Power and other premium type items were very hard to obtain, or could be obtained in certain circumstances. As the time passed they had become available to many more users, with the condition that they cannot be moved to other characters or accounts. Starting now we give you 7 days in which you can request to move the Wings of Power, dragons, or other premium items to any account that you want. As an addition to this post we would like to mention that we will discard the current offer system for donors, in which they had to obtain a better offer through other means, not having a benefit system. From now on the offers are available in store through the Bonus System that is fully automatized. Please address your requests for moving items through a pm on forum, or through a mail at: [email protected], or on discord: MeTa#0114 RaptoЯ#0870 Best regards, RaptoЯ
  9. Test Server is now in the Release Control status

  10. Hello everyone, The Final version of the Test Server is online for a period of 48 Hours, starting now. After the completion of the Update to Season XVI P2-2 no further modifications to PvP, Items, or Options shall be done. Future updates will apply for game errors, reward errors, or visual errors. Best regards, RaptoЯ
  11. Hello everyone, Prizes for current episode have been added. Congratulations to the winners! After the update the manticore sets with the new harmony options, and the pierce lion will be added. Best regards, RaptoЯ
  12. Hello everyone, As most of you observed, after the server restart at the end of the Halloween event, there had been some issues with the Pentagrams. Some errtels dissapeared from the pentagrams, and the elemental dmg on the server was affected. We have fixed the issue, however due tot the fact that this error permanently altered the Pentagram item codes, we had to do a Rollback of the server. The Data base was restored to a point in 02.11.2021, before the maintenance. That means that your characters stats and inventory+vault will be the same as before the maintenance. If you notice any issues please feel free to contact us. Best regards, RaptoЯ
  13. sal am arucat si eu ier o carte   Kundun  si mia picat 2 aripi Angel sa nu fie vrun bug ceva

    1. NEOO
    2. Raijin


      tuturor le-a picat din kunduni aripi de genul. Daca nu ai nevoie de ele, le poti da la npc. e singura varianta sa scapi de ele


  14. Hello everyone, I feel obliged to share some info about the status of the Update to Season XVI P2-2 The general Update Status is at 70% At this moment we are working on the PvP System, which is 36% done. We are progressing with about 2 classes each day. There are some things left out to fix after we finish the PvP System, because we encountered slight annoying issues with the game client. After we are done with the PvP System we will set a target day for deploying the Update to the Live Server. Best regards, RaptoЯ
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