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Item Reinforce function is now available!

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Item Reinforce is now available in your control panel!

To add a Harmony Option on an item you will first need the item called "Harmony Pass". You can buy it from "Premium Shop" or "Store". After purchasing it you can find the available number of Harmony Passes on your account under the image called "Harmony Pass", where the item is required.

To select the Item on which you wish to add Harmony Options, press on "Add-Item" button. After the button is pressed you must select the place from where you wish to add the item (Vault or Inventory). After your vault or inventory is shown, use Right Click on the desired item to move it to the Combination Field.

If you followed the above steps correctly you will see that both fields turned blue, and then you can add the desired Harmony Options.

To select the desired Options, click on the drop down menu from the "New Option" field, select your options and press Confirm

After the Options have been successfully added the item will return to it's original spot (Vault or Inventory) - inventory is not available atm.


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