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Grand Opening (New Age)

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Dear friends,

We have a very important announcement for the TebaMU server history and the entire DivinityMU Community .

The TebaMU (New Age) project is coming to an end and with it TebaMU Classic will more than likely become a relic preserved for history and statistics. In other words TebaMU Classic will be closed, but the database and server files will not be deleted. If we have requests to open it in the future, we will gladly do so.

The TebaMU Era 2018 - 2022 was an era ruled without appeal at the beginning (2018 - 2019) by the OldGods Alliance in battles with the Hellboys Alliance and DiViNiTy . Due to some internal conflicts, the OldGods Alliance broke up and the TogeTher allies remained at the leadership who did their best to maintain the prestige accumulated by the OldGods Guild, but in the end succumbed to the Justice Guild formed by a DiViNiTy-Hellboys alliance .

After a long period of dominance of the Justice Alliance following acts of sabotage everything was broken into 4 Guilds: DiViNiTy, SPQR, TogeTher, KhaosS where the SPQR Alliance dominated for a good period of time until the KhaosS Alliance developed enough so long that they managed to be in charge.

From that moment, SPQR was greatly weakened until they caved in ( 2020 - 2021 ). In the end, both DiViNiTy Alliance and KhaosS won due to the losses suffered by SPQR and in the end the battle between the two big Alliances DiViNiTy and KhaosS prevailed ending with the victory of DiViNiTy Alliance despite the fact that the best Guild remained KhaosS.

Strange and interesting at the same time . But is that all? Will the KhaosS alliance become history and accept defeat to a new generation? Remains to be seen!

What should we expect from "NEW AGE"? Will the legendary DiViNiTy Alliance cope with the changes and will they be able to keep up with the new generation? No WebShop, no PentaShop, no potions in XShop and more... interesting!

We sense a battle between the old gang and the new gang. Or, a reform on the part of the Ancient Alliances or those before the "New Age" era? [...] We are all curious how things will turn out and who will dominate right from the start.

Now, let's introduce you a little about the era that is about to begin.


  • "New Age" is a combination of old style and new style of gameplay. We brought back to life some elements from the old style, such as: spot pattern (Worm-Bali-Soldier), reset mode and technique (best map for resets - Arena) and many other old elements used. The new style probably many of you know. It is heavily focused on Play to Win and trade.
  • To be able to accommodate very easily, we configured the rates with a fairly high value, the normal experience is still x5000 (reset can be given in maximum 4-5 minutes). Instead Master(x1000) and Majestic(x5000) experience can give you a headache (may take 1 day/level at level higher than 1400).
  • The Master and the Majestic cannot reach full, the points are limited to the number of levels 400 and 700 respectively and cannot be expanded.
  • The last wings will be only those of level 4 and the special Power, Conqueror, Angel and Devil, etc. can be owned by a single player following the implicit participation in winning the special events presented on the website.
  • The Grand Reset Reward will be " Grand Reset Reward Box " (can be used as exchange currency) which will contain various items + Diamonds.
  • Socket items are brought to the same level as Mastery ones (A Socket set can be better than a Mastery one and vice versa) but it is just as hard to max out the spheres (Seed Spheres can reach level 20).
  • Potions can be farmed but cannot be bought from the XShop or other methods. They are found in Vulcanus and various rewards in PVP Last Man Standing, PVP Illusion Arena, Gens Conquest and other PVP events.


You can find much more information about settings and rates in the Server Stats section https://www.tebamu.com/statistics.html and Special Events in the Special Events section https://www.tebamu.com/events.html (TebaMU SERVER x5000 New Age must be selected).

Because many of you ask me when it will be ready (even players who are on our server for the first time), I will rush everything that remains to be done to be able to open the server on DECEMBER 9 . Yes, you heard that right, DECEMBER 9, 2022! It will finally open officially, after a titanic work of more than 8 months.
Those who have questions/different proposals, do not hesitate to contact us by any means of communication (forum, discord, ticket support, whatsapp, etc.).

Announce to your friends, parents, grandparents, dogs, cats, rats and what other creatures you know: DECEMBER 9, 2022 at 18:00 (UTC) a completely different TEBAMU chapter will open accompanied by a lot of surprises , events and most importantly - lots of fun!

PS I would like to send greetings to the players who have activated the PandoraMU and MuRomania Server! I am very sorry that this wonderful PandoraMU server has been shut down, it was a server that served us honorably for over 15 years and is a great loss to the MU Online community. PandoraMU and MuRomania invite you to join us to take part in the most beautiful and memorable confrontations. At the same time, we guarantee that your standards will be met.


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