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Grand Reset is now available

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Dear friends,

Grand Reset function is now available!

To perform a Grand Reset, log in to your account on the website, navigate to Control Panel -> Grand Reset

Grand Reset Details:
Normal Member    
Resets: 50
Zen: 1,000,000,000

Diamonds: 300
Grand Reset Reward Box (Gremory Case Type - in-game item)
Gens Contribution : 5,000

Gold Member Member     

Diamonds: 500
Grand Reset Reward Box (Gremory Case Type - in-game item)
Gens Contribution : 6,000

No Penalty

Grand Reset Reward Box Posible Drop:
75% chance to receive between 7,000 and 10,000 RUUD
25% chance to receive one of following items

Jewel of Harmony(30)
Jewel of Kundun
Jewel of Kondar
Jewel of Wisdom
Illuminating Earring Box(Left)
Illuminating Earring Box(Right)
Bloodangel Weapon Box
Errtel of Radiance
Socket Weapon Box
4th Wings Box
Pentagram Box (Special)
Guardian Pet Box
Jewelry Box (Rings/Pendants)
Complete Bloodangel SET Box
Complete Socket Set Box

Please be careful:

If the Grand Reset Reward Box does not have a description on it in the game, close client for autoupdate.
If the launcher does not autoupdate, please download again the client that was updated last night with many fixes.

I hope will enjoy it. But that's not all. In the next days tons of events and fixes will come

Have fun my friends!




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