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Dear Friends,

Many of you have mostly understood the project, but we will detail it much more. Because we are immediately approaching the end of the year, we will try with all the forces we have to finish the first phase of the project, which is the most important, by the end of the year.

The project and deadlines are as follows:

Phase 1 -> Start of New Age until end of 2022 ⚡

  • Grand Reset Function (deadline 10 December) ✅
  • Store module (deadline 10 December) ✅
  • Backer's Event (deadline 11 December) ✅
  • Fully detailed real-time droplist ✅
  • The Holy Crusade Event ✅
  • Balanced PvM [Charater PvM Damage + Skills] (deadline 23 December) ✅
  • Balanced PvP (deadline 23 December) ✅
  • The Commander's Medal (deadline 23 December) ✅
  • The Gladiator Event (deadline 23 December) ✅
  • The Wolf Knight (deadline23 December) ✅
  • XMas Event + Battle Pass System (23 December)✅
  • First Arca War Battle ✅
  • First Castle Siege Battle ✅
  • GENS CONQUEST Event (29 December) ✅
  • Super End of Year Event (New Era Phase 1 Celebrating Event) (30 December) ✅

Phase 2 -> 2023 ⚡

  • New features to the Control Panel
  • Achivements System
  • Guilds Hall System
  • Update to Latest Part of Season 18

The lack of PvP and PvM Damage balancing from the start is because we had to delay the opening and that means the lack of seriousness. So we decided to open it with the lack of balancing because is not very disturbing (for short period) as long as you can grow.

We hope that like us, you are excited and anxious for the arrival of the new content for the game and our community
We continue to maintain the performance and commitment of delivering to all of our players always the best that we can offer, making our server ever stronger, better, and more structured to best accommodate more and more players!

Best regards,

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