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Dear friends,

We inform you that on February 19th we have a scheduled maintenance to take place at 02:00 PM (Server Time - GMT+0).

⏰ Expected duration: 30 minutes.

⚒️ During the maintenance, access to the server will be unavailable. Website access and Discord support will continue as normal.

What do we do in this maintenance?


Removed Normal EXP and Master XP potions.
Added CryWolf Vault once the event is finished.
Added more HP to the Lifestone and can take only Element Damage
Added Combo for Slayer character.
Added Combo for GL character.
Combo formula changed:
Knight: (((Strength * 3) + Dexterity + Energy) * 1.65)
Slayer: (((Strength * 3) + Dexterity + Energy) * 1.65) / 1.75
Others: (((Strength * 3) + Dexterity + Energy) * 1.65) / 2
Swell formula changed. Increase Base HP with (10 + (Energy / 500) + PartyMemberCount + Master Bonus)%
Added Skill for Knight Mastery Shield.
Resolved Radiance null option and other errtel options.
Resolved the Mastery Excellent Options issues.
Resolved all mastery tree values for every each character.
Resolved and increased maximum character HP.
Resolved Summoner Wizzardy skills.
Resolved MG Wizzardy skills.
Resolved CD on Aqua Beast skill
Resolved CD on Fire Beast skill
Resolved CD on Dragon Roar skill
Rush Skill CD removed.
Resolved Blood Howling formula - now it's 10% (+ mastery bonuses) from max hp.
Integrated Elemental Symbols drops.
Disabled current Illusion Temple Event for Renewal
Posible fix of castle siege teleport under the map obejcts.
Castle Siege and Arka War friendly fire reduced to half.
Event Tickets now can be sell to npc/dump.
Elite Mana Potions now can be sell to npc/dump.
Castle Siege Slingshot DMG set to 1 HIT.
Removed Elemental Rune Mace from Land of Trial Drop.
Fixed Commander Event Monster kill issues.
Resolved other small bug
Thank you everyone who contributed to this update!


The Game Client will be updated before the maintenance.

Client update is mandatory! If you encounter problems with the auto-updater, we will also post a manual patch and the full client will be updated.

Best Regards!

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