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Dear friends,

We inform you that on February 25th we have a scheduled maintenance to take place at 08:00 AM (Server Time - GMT+0).

⏰ Expected duration: 30 minutes.

⚒️ During the maintenance, access to the server will be unavailable. Website access and Discord support will continue as normal.

What do we do in this maintenance?



🔥 Fixes some issue with errtel upgrade rates
🔥 Fixed Issue with Mastery Option value
🔥 Integrated a new list for Off level items - Jewels, Materials, Pets,Symbols, Diamond Pile.
🔥 Seed Sphere Capsule can be bought as pack from XShop (1,5,10)
🔥 Fixed Skeleton Pet add damage issue
🔥 Seed Sphere detailed level (current level/max level)
🔥 Fixed Options Visual issues with Special Wings (Crusader/Commander/Leader)
🔥 Added a new Channel for "Colosseum Arena" map
🔥 Integrated The Gladiator Event. ⚡  (27.02.2023 @ 00:00 - First cycle) read more: https://www.tebamu.com/event-55.html
🔥 Integrated Wolf Knight Event. ⚡  (25.02.2023 @ 16:00 - First cycle) read more: https://www.tebamu.com/event-54.html
🔥 Increased the drop rate of "Element Symbols" - "Ferea" and "Nixie" maps.
🔥 Removed "Arena points" currency from /reset. (due to Gladiator Event)
🔥 Increased size of guild members to 80. ⚡
🔥 Disabled MuHelper in "Arka" and "CS" maps.
🔥 Fixed some sockets values and excellent options values. ⚡
🔥 Moved the "Dark Elf" boss to "Barracks" map. ⚡
🔥 During Castle Siege and Arka War events ATK/MAGIC/CURSE DMG will be reduced by 15% ⚡
🔥 Removed "Debenter" from Arka War pool.
🔥 Resolved the "Ferea" kill notification that was displaying twice.
🔥 Resolved the "Core Magriffy" 0 point issue (Commander Event)
🔥 Added to LOT drop "Lapidary Stone" and "Jewel of Guardian" items.
🔥 Resolved the "399" max rewarded Master point value (Now all the users received 1 more point to add in Master Talent Tree).
🔥 Other minor fixes and cosmetic reworks.



The Game Client will be updated before the maintenance.

Client update is mandatory! If you encounter problems with the auto-updater, we will also post a manual patch and the full client will be updated.

P.S. with the changes and bug fixes above, pvp balance is solved

Best Regards  🤝

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Change that was forgotten to be added to the changelog:

  • Damage in Duel Arena +100%
  • Added another Doppelganger Event at 20:00 (server time)

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