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Spring Event has blossomed!

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Event Period 17 March - 10 April 2023


Event Page: https://www.tebamu.com/spring-event.html 


Spring has arrived, different mobs have migrated to Noria's lands. Hunt them and get special items.

Spring Event Mob Drop

      RUUD beetween 10 and 50, Cherry Blossom Branchs (Special), All kind of Jewels, Mithril Fragment, Elite Healing Potions, Diamonds, Muun Egg, Pentagram Box, Elemental Rune, Sphere Rune, Artifact Items

Blossom Branchs Compensation

     When you collect 10 White Cherry Blossom Branch or 50 Red Cherry Blossom Branch or 100 Golden Cherry Blossom Branch, go to Blossom Spirit from Noria because she needs them and will receive a reward according the type of Cherry Blossom Branch.


Full details: https://www.tebamu.com/spring-event.html


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