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Rune Wizard

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Rune Wizard
The Rune Mage is a half-elf who were born between the mage of Arka, an alliance of nobility, and the fairy who created the Altar of the Wolves.

As inter-species breeding is frowned upon in the Mu empire, they had to leave the empire and found a settlement called Iria and lived in peace.

When they came of age, the Lemuria Legion came to the village. They were heading to the front to join the Siege of Crywolf.

The Arka and the villagers tried to protect their village, but they were quickly overcome by the legionnaires.

In the chaos, the Rune Mage lost his parents. After the battle, the Rune Mage headed toward Noria for revenge.

1. Rune Mage Character Information

Rune Mages spawn in Noria when they are first played.

2. Rune Mage Class Name


Class Status Class Name Changes
Base Rune Mage Rune Wizard
3rd Class Change Grand Rune Master Grand Rune Master
Common Skill
img_guide10_skill01_01.jpg Energy Ball
img_guide10_skill01_02.jpg Fireball
img_guide10_skill01_03.jpg Poison
img_guide10_skill01_04.jpg Meteor
img_guide10_skill01_05.jpg Pillar of Fire
img_guide10_skill01_06.jpg Whirlwind
img_guide10_skill01_07.jpg Evil Spirit
img_guide10_skill01_08.jpg Hellfire
img_guide10_skill01_09.jpg Blast
img_guide10_skill01_10.jpg Inferno
img_guide10_skill01_11.jpg Sudden Ice
img_guide10_skill01_12.jpg Increase Spellpower
Rune Mage-only Skill
img_guide10_skill02_01.jpg Magic Arrow
img_guide10_skill02_02.jpg Plasma Ball
img_guide10_skill02_03.jpg Lightning Storm


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