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[UPDATE] 1.00.06 Changelog

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(+)Added Antihack System

(!)Fixed Entry level for Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, etc.

(!)Fixed Radiance Errtel Debuff duration

(!)Characters Buffs Reviewed

(!)Fixed Erohim drop

(!)Fixed PvP Balance based on players feedback

(!)Fixed Visual Bug of Bonus Experience displayed value

(!)Fixed selection of Vault 3 and 4 on Gold Server

(!)Fixed inability to sell Gold and Silver Key to NPC

(!)Fixed Same Name of Bloodangel Elf Set A and B

(!)Other small fixes
Socket System remade
- Increase Stats options modified to default (500 - Level 10).
- Increase MAX HP modified to 7% (Level 10)
- Defense bonus modified to 400 / item
Excellent MAX HP option modified to 6%

P.S. Client values will be modified asap


If for some reason after the update you cannot start the game, please redownload the full game client from website, or here

Some users may have to add an exception for the game client folder in their AntiVirus software, if errors of missing files show up.

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