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[UPDATE] 1.00.08

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The server and client have been successfully updated to 1.00.08 version.


[!] Fixed 3rd/4th master skills of Defense increase while equpping 3rd/4th wings not working properly
[!] Fixed certain scenario of Personal Store invalid jewels price inserted
[!] Fixed selection of Friends System / Mail issues
[!] Fixed inability to complete quest in certain scenarios
[!] Fixed inability to use Hero and Premium muuns at a time
[!] Fixed Gens contribution save for selection of cases
[!] Fixed guardian options lower/upper level bounds
[!] Fixed inability to run game client on certain PCs
[!] Fixed Guild Matching waiting applicant approval if length of character name is 10
[!] Fixed inability to receipt Errtels from Gremory Case
[!] Fixed 4th wings of Gun Crusher are not visible by others
[+] Added 4th wings of Gun Crusher in XShop
[!] Other small fixes


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