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    Hello everyone, As promised we are happy to announce that file integrity has been succesfully checked and no loss reports have been detected. We’ve extended the Gold Member status to all eligible users by a period of 40 days. We’ve extended the wings expiration date by 40 days to all users that had active wings on their characters at the date of the incident. If your wing shows as expired it surely has been expired at the date of the incident. Now that we can carry on with our job, here is the following tasks that we are currently involved in: 1. Item Shop- The item shop is in a pretty advanced state, however further work is required since we didn’t have access to the database in order to complete it, and we’ve been forced to pause it’s developement. 2. Small BugFixes and player suggested improvements (More details will be posted at the delivery date) 3. Free Reward in diamonds and Gold Member for players/ new players ( More details will be posted at the delivery date) 4. Adding more monsters to each spot in order to speed up the reset process. Best Regards, MeTa
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