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  1. [+] Vehicle Item and Disassembly Function Improvement [+] 3rd Guardian and Gray Aida Map [+] Gun Crusher Buff Skill [+] Magic Swordsman Renewal [+] Maximum Character Level Expansion [+] Jewel of Harmony Renewal [+] Dimensional Labyrinth Monster Relocation and Reward Improvement [+] Arnil Temple Elite Zone [+] property system improvement [+] New PvP system [-] Removed some PowerUP's [+] Boss Rewards renewal [+] Gameplay improvement
  2. Exploit-PvP-hack-regulament-avantaje, trezirea, aceasta actualizare a fost facuta in urma cu 30 de zile.
  3. [!] Fixed item dupe vulnerability [!] Fixed earrings level upgrade mix not working [!] Fixed Muun items option period not properly set upon muun inventory insert [!] Fixed inability to move to Icarus while riding Dark Horse [!] Fixed invalid jewels count insert to GC after purchase in Personal Store (specific cases only) [!] Fixed specific scenario when jewels are not paid after purchase from personal store [!] Fixed Talisman of Luck in selection of mixes [!] Fixed Errtels mount in Pentagram (rare scenario) [!] Fixed Summoner curse damage calc [!] Fixed Solid Protection [!] Fixed Strong Belief buffs functionality [!] Fixed Fireblow skill formula [-] Removed ability to create combo with Blow Skill [!] Fixed Combo CD not working [!] Fixed animation of selected skills > Sword Blow, Death Ice, Death Fire, Bat Flock [!] Fixed sculptures deletion on guardian mix [!] Fixed CryWolf monsters spawn at invalid count after CW event [!] Fixed Elemental Defense Calc for Rune Wizard [!] Fixed combo skill miss and visual effect isuse [!] Fixed skill damage barrage display [!] Fixed doppel ganger event reward coming with period [!] Fixed triple shot skill stops causing damage after a while [!] Improved cheats protection [!] Fixed Elemental Defense Rate Calc formula [!] Fixed conflict of Offline Levelling and Personal Store systems [!] Added Combo description via client for all Characters (Knight,Magic and Fighter) [!] Gens contribution reset !!!This is the last update of Season 16 P1-3 version. Full Season 16 version will be released asap. S.vers U.vers 1.10.02 M.vers
  4. Greetings MU-tizens, There will be scheduled maintenance performed on 12 October 2021 @ 12:00 Server Time Please refer to the following maintenance details. [Maintenance Schedule] 1 - 5 minutes Purpose: - Last Season16 P1-3 Update **Please note - The details of schedule is subject to change. Cheers,
  5. Greetings MU-tizens, I am pleased to announce that we will update the server to the Season 16 P2-2 version on 22-10-2021. In version P2-2 will be quite a few changes that will be specified after the update. Major changes will be in Elemental System (Pentagrams), Yellow options, PowerUP Buffs (XShop) and pvp will be completely changed. Thank you for being with us, Respectfully, MeTa If you have questions, please answer on this topic!
  6. Maintenance postponed until we have the solution for Fury "Wide Blow" issue
  7. Amok suspendat 5 zile + ban points. (in total 10 zile) DeCeGOD suspendat 1 zi pentru mistouri si spamarea/provocarea unui jucator. (habar nu am ce treaba are bicicleta, dar se pare ca sunt ceva "mistouri")
  8. Cenzura a fost deblocat. Multumesc pentru rabdare, pe cont ti-au fost alocate 50,000 Diamante. Urmariti si: https://www.divinitymu.org/index.php?/mu-online-subject/1279-contestatie-cenzura-ban/&tab=comments#comment-6599
  9. CONFIRMAT! ++ pentru postul facut, daca toti ar explica asa, ne-am intelege si noi diferit, dar.... Problema va fi rezolvata in urmatoarele update-uri. Offtopic: Toate inregistrarile si explicatiile ce imi vor fi transmise prin orice alt mijloc de comunicare in afara forumului vor fi total ignorate. comnbo_issue.mp4
  10. Greetings MU-tizens, There will be scheduled maintenance performed on 22 September 2021 @ 13:30 Server Time Please refer to the following maintenance details. [Maintenance Schedule] 1 - 5 minutes Purpose: - Bug fixes **Please note - The details of schedule is subject to change. Cheers,
  11. Plecand de la aceste 2 inregistrari: a) https://youtu.be/DXNxZApR4Fw b) https://youtu.be/sTyavqKfKyw In inregistrarea a) se vede cum ataci characterul State iar un combo si ceva hit-uri bune ii sunt distribuite lui Aragorn filmarea b) (36:00) (State nu a primit dmg din combo-ul care Aragorn a murit). P.S. este mai mult decat macro Sa nu mai spun de combo-urile pe cei 3 (cateva sec in urma)
  12. Due to recorded received since the last Castle Siege, Cenzura has been temporarily suspended for further investigation. More details soon
  13. Greetings MU-tizens, If you choose to become Gold Member by the end of this week, you will receive Diamonds as Bonus. More details in Store! The offer is available until 12-09-2021 Respectfully, MeTa
  14. I am pleased to announce that we offer for 24 hours some bonuses and discounts as: +100% Diamonds Packs (+Personal Bonus) +100% Jewel of Kundun Packs 50% Discont for Ice Dragon (Rare) and Wings of Champion Respectfully, MeTa
  15. Based on these 2 video records + checking the coordinates according to the records and /reset written at the exact time interval, MoiSe banned 7 days (there are 6 days left since he was temporarily banned ) for Cheating (Macro Software) + 15 Grand Resets Removed (and Rewards too). Next time you will be permanently banned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQLP3dAotRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5iR_xqCC7c
  16. Try to compare Nixies (Gold Member) with Nixies (Normal Member)
  17. Greetings MU-tizens, I am pleased to announce that we offer for 24 hours (Store and ItemShop) some bonuses such as: Gold Member Bonus +50% Wings of Power Bonus +25% ItemShop Discount 10% Offer available until 05/09/2021 @ 12:00 Server Time Respectfully, MeTa
  18. [PvP] Gun Crusher Damage -25% and Defense +2% Soul Master Damage +10% Rage Fighter Damage +5% and Defense -5% Rune Wizzard Defense +5% Dark Lord Defense +3% ELf Defense +7% Magic Gladiator Damage +10% and Defense -5% (MG will be remaked on S16 P2-2 Update) Summoner Damage +3% Lancer Damage +3% Slayer Defense +5% (SL will be remaked on S16 P2-2 Update) [Others] Fixed Arca War Buffs -------------------------------- Next Version Changelog Fixed all MUUNs Review Summoner Debuff (need greater effect) Other small fix for some skills and events Full Client reupload
  19. MoiSe account temporarily banned for investigation
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