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[UPDATE] Season 16 P1-3. Last version

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[!] Fixed item dupe vulnerability
[!] Fixed earrings level upgrade mix not working
[!] Fixed Muun items option period not properly set upon muun inventory insert
[!] Fixed inability to move to Icarus while riding Dark Horse
[!] Fixed invalid jewels count insert to GC after purchase in Personal Store (specific cases only)
[!] Fixed specific scenario when jewels are not paid after purchase from personal store
[!] Fixed Talisman of Luck in selection of mixes
[!] Fixed Errtels mount in Pentagram (rare scenario)
[!] Fixed Summoner curse damage calc
[!] Fixed Solid Protection
[!] Fixed Strong Belief buffs functionality
[!] Fixed Fireblow skill formula
[-] Removed ability to create combo with Blow Skill
[!] Fixed Combo CD not working
[!] Fixed animation of selected skills > Sword Blow, Death Ice, Death Fire, Bat Flock
[!] Fixed sculptures deletion on guardian mix
[!] Fixed CryWolf monsters spawn at invalid count after CW event
[!] Fixed Elemental Defense Calc for Rune Wizard
[!] Fixed combo skill miss and visual effect isuse
[!] Fixed skill damage barrage display
[!] Fixed doppel ganger event reward coming with period
[!] Fixed triple shot skill stops causing damage after a while
[!] Improved cheats protection
[!] Fixed Elemental Defense Rate Calc formula
[!] Fixed conflict of Offline Levelling and Personal Store systems
[!] Added Combo description via client for all Characters (Knight,Magic and Fighter)
[!] Gens contribution reset

!!!This is the last update of Season 16 P1-3 version. Full Season 16 version will be released asap.
U.vers 1.10.02


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