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The Holy Crusade (Event Info)

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     The Holy Crusade is a weekly event in which you need to risk your life to Save the Archangel in Blood Castle, fight with Demons and with The Devil in Devil Square and to try to win the battle sky of the archangels from Chaos Castle. Every Friday around 10:00 (Server Time) we will make a retrospective according to the rankings of the event and the best crusaders will be rewarded.

     Be a crusader for the holy archangel’s army!

     The ranking is made according to each score achieved in the events described above as follows:

  • Blood Castle over 100,000 Points
  • Devil Square over 200,000 Points
  • Chaos Castle over 300,000 Points

     More information on the distribution of points for each event can be found in the Game Guide section for each mini-event.

      Check Event Page for the program of Mini-events, the points obtained by other players in the 3 mini-events, the rewards and the top in real time.

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