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  1. Gens Conquest

    Our Generals, Duprian and Vanert are gathering the strongest warriors of the MU Continent for an epic fight in the battlefield of Vulcanus, and beyond it's margins. Those Warriors who show their highest loyalty to the cause by killing their enemies and solving the quests  will be rewarded with kingly gifts.

    Event Page: https://www.tebamu.com/event-51.html

  2. The Commander's Medal

    The Commander's Medal is a weekly event that is largely based on killing bosses in different cities or invader mobs. In order to be Commander, have to hunt several bosses and invader mobs. Take The Commander rank and you will receive special wings made especially for Commanders.

    Event Page: https://www.tebamu.com/event-48.html

  3. The Holy Crusade

    The Holy Crusade is a weekly event that you need to risk your life to Save the Archangel in Blood Castle, fight with Demons and with The Devil in Devil Square and to try to win the battle sky of the archangels from Chaos Castle.  Be a crusader for the holy archangel’s army!

    Event Page: https://www.tebamu.com/event-53.html

  4. Weekly Vote Event

    We have designed a special event, in appreciation for your efforts.This event consists in gathering the highest number of votes, each week, from the first day until the last.The top takes into account the date and hour of the registered vote. The first 10 players with highest number of votes will be rewarded at the end of the week with the prizes listed below. The weekly top votes ranking will be wiped in the first day of each week (Monday) at 08:00. Dynamic reward depending on the number of participants (if you want to win big rewards like Wings of Power or other rare items, please encourage as many players as possible to participate)

    Event Page: https://www.tebamu.com/event-40.html

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  5. Ice Valley Castle Event

    The Ice Valley Castle is a exclusive PvP event with its logic similar to Castle Siege. It takes a place in Devias 3 area.
    The key mission is to keep the throne occupied as long as possible and do not let other guilds take over it. The event offers unique reward system, such as special character flame effect for castle owners, closed access to selected map, diamonds and items.
    Unique to this event are effects, previously mentioned flames over characters and screen shakes within the event.

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