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[UPDATE] 3.10.00 Changelog

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[!] Removed Antihack force disconnect users. (some false detection)
[!] The anti-hack detect system was set much more sensitive and will work as silent mode
[!] Fixed Attack Success Rate Seed Sphere
[!] Fixed not working CTRL+Z with selection of mount items
[!] Fixed Dash skill issues while using Fenrir
[!] Fixed rush skill issue while ridding a mount pet
[!] Fixed combo skill issue while ridding a mount pet
[!] Fixed inability to heal Ghost Horse with Jewel of Bless
[!] Fixed Guardian Elite Opt Change Piece overlap issue
[!] Fixed majestic stun debuff issue
[!] Fixed trash text while mouse over Zen and Ruud
[!] Fixed Elemental Rune is not stacking automatically
[!] Fixed selection of Rune Wizard skills animation/damage issues
[!] Fixed combo damage does not cause damage in certain scenario
[!] Fixed socket item upgrade may result in producing socket item without single empty slot
[!] Fixed disappearance of entire TOCA stack after successful item enhancement
[!] Fixed null text from Lahap NPC
[Arca War] General Damage Reduction 25% (in past 15%)
[Castle Siege] General Damage reduction 25% (in past 15%)
[!] Other small fixes


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