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  1. Please follow: Prestige Event Webpage "Prestige Event" is a daily event in which you have to hunt down several Monsters, Bosses or win certain Events (like Devil Square, Blood Castle, etc.). The event is divided into 2 sections: for individual Characters (solo) and Guilds (teamwork). You can find here all requirements for how much Prestige Points gives you a specific Monster/Boss/Event, Rewards, Live Ranking Table and all Logs/Actions taken. How it works? Simply, you need to kill Monsters, finish mini-events, make Resets or other actions which you can find in Prestige Points Section. When you kill a monster or accomplish an action from that section, you will receive an amount of Prestige Points. The amount of Prestige Points for every action can be found on Prestige Points Section too. If you accomplish more actions, you will receive more Prestige Points because all points will be gather. Try to collect as many points as possible. Prestige Event has a Daily Cycle, this means that every 24 hours, all collected points will be reseted. (starting at 16:00 Server Time) P.S. Daily Cycle will be ended with a calculation state. At the end of the Daily Cycle, the first 3 characters who will collect the most points, will be rewarded. You can read more about rewards in the Rewards Section. Despite the fact that all points are lost everyday due to Daily Cycle, we keep all points and the first 5 from "All Time Prestige Points" ranking table will be rewarded with a special Prestigious Rank (Conqueror) in our Community Forum. Meanwhile, if you gain prestige points you will help your Guild to be as high as possible in Guild Ranking table. Guild Prestige Points will be calculated as follow: Sum of all daily prestige points acquired by each member of guild + Bonus Points for Guild (ArcaWar or Castle Siege) divided by 80. If your Guild will be the first in the Guild Ranking table at the end of the Daily Cycle (after calculation state), all guild members will be rewarded. Your Guild is the winner of the day? Great! So, each member will be rewarded by how much they contributed. For example: Sum of your Guild Prestige points after calculation state is 1,000 and you contributed with 200 Prestige points, this means your contribution is 20% from Sum, so, the reward will be 20% from Guild Prestige Rewards. Guild Prestige Rewards can be found on Rewards Section. Also, you can find all Actions for a specific Character (teammate/rival) in Action Logs Section. All the winners who will participate in this event, will be announced on the DivinityMU Community Forum in the category Event => Prestige Event What are you waiting for? Earn your Prestige and become Conqueror by helping your guild!
  2. Greetings MU-tizens, There will be weekly scheduled maintenance performed on all servers every Thursday (time interval 12-14) for about 10 minutes.
  3. [!] Regular Drop remade for: Kanturu Relics, Karutan 1 - 2, Calmness, Raklion (without materials for now) [!] Fixed Zen Drop @ Nirvana Map [!] Fixed Safezone @ Nirvana Map [!] Remove monsters amount from Nirvana Map (to avoid unknown disconnections)
  4. [!] Fixed selection of wings mix issues related to wings options, luck and chance rate [!] Fixed a conflict between MuHelper and Auto Move function that caused character to keep walking after move [!] Fixed Fire Slash skills issues [!] Fixed Rage Fighter starts attacking party members with Dark Side skill while in party [!] Fixed Ring and Pendants resistance options [!] Fixed invalid attacks number while blinding [!] Fixed custom combo skill issues [!] Changed spawn zone after death in Balgass Barrack [!] Fixed AOE firendly fire issue in Arca Battle event [!] Fixed Fenrir pet chaos mix issues [!] Fixed increase range 4th skill not working [!] Fixed ability to enter Ferea boss zone by abusing the system [!] Fixed wizard teleport skill [!] Fixed durability decrease does not visually apply when using Blessing of Spirit [+] Added New Map Nirvana with a huge spot (you can make Reset in less than 2 minutes) [!] Fixed monster appear with 0 HP sometimes [+] Diamonds Items system changed. Now you can make bundle like jewel system and use then with right click [-] Old Diamonds Items have expiration time (after item expire, will be deleted. So, please use all your Bundle Diamonds before 01 Sep. 2020) [!] Regular Drop remade for: Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Dungeon, Devias, Atlans, Lost Tower, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kalima, Kanturu Ruin and Kanturu Island. [+] Added all combination notes for Socket items (Lv 400) [!] Warp Menu Remade [!] Gens Contribution Wiped -------- upcoming updates (3.15.05) [!] All regular Drop remade. [!] All Events and Bosses drop remade. [!] Remade all Bosses spawns. [!] Changes in elemental system [!] Remade all XShop & NPC Shops [!] Antihack for client-side (not server-side only)
  5. Greetings MU-tizens, There will be scheduled maintenance performed on all servers on 02 Aug 2020 (GST). Please refer to the following maintenance details. [Maintenance Schedule] 14:00 ~ 14:15 (GST) Purpose: - Gens Reset - Client and Server Update **Please note - The details of schedule is subject to change. Cheers,
  6. [!] Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes invalid number of ingredients [!] Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills [!] Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without required level [!] Fixed data type for hunting record system map number to resolve display of negative map value [!] Fixed Blue Eye Runist Set Options [!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills [!] Fixed inability to manually stack the Jewel of Dark Soul [!] Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills [!] Fixed some Server applications vulnerability [-] Removed Spring Event [+] Added Ghost Horse Event elements (soon start) [!] Ghost options formula changed. - Elemental Damage Increase +x; x = 20+((9+Horse Level)/2)^3 - Elemental Defense Increase +x; x = 20+((9+Horse Level)/2)^3 - (up to 800 Lv) Defense increase by x every 20 Lv; x = (1+((Horse Level/10)*2.9)^3.5) - (up to 800 Lv) Attack/Wizardry/Curse damage increase by x every 20 Lv; x = (1+((Horse Level/10)*2.6)^2.49) - A 3%% chance of health recovery by x; x = (1+((3.9+Horse Level)/2)^5) -- Elite Options: - Bleeding Damage Resistance +x; x= (4.36+(Horse Level/10))^4.9 - Poison Damage Resistance +x; x = (4.15+(Horse Level/10))^5.2 - Attack Reduction Resistance +x; x = (3.3+(Horse Level/10))^5.7 - Attack Speed Reduction Resistance +x; x = (1+(0.5*Horse Level))^1.92 - Defense Reduction Resistance +x; x = (3.4+(Horse Level/10))^4.8
  7. [!] Removed Antihack force disconnect users. (some false detection) [!] The anti-hack detect system was set much more sensitive and will work as silent mode [!] Fixed Attack Success Rate Seed Sphere [!] Fixed not working CTRL+Z with selection of mount items [!] Fixed Dash skill issues while using Fenrir [!] Fixed rush skill issue while ridding a mount pet [!] Fixed combo skill issue while ridding a mount pet [!] Fixed inability to heal Ghost Horse with Jewel of Bless [!] Fixed Guardian Elite Opt Change Piece overlap issue [!] Fixed majestic stun debuff issue [!] Fixed trash text while mouse over Zen and Ruud [!] Fixed Elemental Rune is not stacking automatically [!] Fixed selection of Rune Wizard skills animation/damage issues [!] Fixed combo damage does not cause damage in certain scenario [!] Fixed socket item upgrade may result in producing socket item without single empty slot [!] Fixed disappearance of entire TOCA stack after successful item enhancement [!] Fixed null text from Lahap NPC [Arca War] General Damage Reduction 25% (in past 15%) [Castle Siege] General Damage reduction 25% (in past 15%) [!] Other small fixes
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