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Necrom lost the rank of Commander

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Dear warriors,

We have an important announcement for all those who are part of the army that defends our continent from bosses and invading monsters.We need to reevaluate the commander!

We analyzed the last battles and the bravest ones who managed to collect the most points were:

Position Guild Name Score
1. TheKingS Frana 54,673
2. TheKingS IonCuSapa 39,923
3. LordThief 33,917
4. DiViNiTy Necrom 20,829
5. 10Lei CoCoDK 18,641
6. TheKingS ReNaTuS 11,689
7. ZillioN 11,369
8. MBeaUL 11,353
9. TheKingS WhiteWizz 7,543
10. TheKingS VINEATES 6,929

Frana gains the status of commander while Necrom loses it. What a change!
The remaining 9 on the list were rewarded according to their position.

Do you think you can be the commander in the next cycle? Do you think you`re strong enough?
Let`s See!

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