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About TaroMU

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Welcome to TaroMU, an long-term private MU-Online server part of DivinityMU Community.

Here at TaroMU, environment is meticulously crafted to offer an experience rate of X50, allowing you to enjoy gradual and epoch-divided progression. This structure ensures that every player, whether novice or veteran, finds their path.


All gameplay rates are set to default to preserve the authentic MU experience, and detailed guides can be found in our exclusive Game Guide section. Additionally, TaroMU is home to Tournaments, an achievements panel, and a comprehensive guild panel, enhancing your gaming experience and community interaction.


If you aim to reignite your passion for MU-Online or start a new server, TaroMU offers a unique world where legends come to play. For any information, our Game Guide section is your go-to resource to help navigate the realms of TaroMU.


Download now and Register to TaroMU — where every epoch is an epic start to a new adventure, and every achievement is a story waiting to be told!

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