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The Commander's Medal (Event Info)

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      "The Commander's Medal Event" is a weekly event in which you have to slay several City Bosses. You can find here all requirements for how much Commander's Points gives you a specific City Boss, the rewards list, live ranking table and all Logs/Actions taken.
      How it works?
  Simply, you need to kill invading monsters and city Bosses. When you kill a monster, you will receive an amount of Commander's Points. The amount of Commander's Points for every action can be found on Points Section.
  If you accomplish more actions, you will receive more Commander's Points because all points will be gather (Vulcano Channel only). Try to collect as many points as possible.

The Commander's Medal Event has a Weekly Cycle, this means that every week, all collected points will be reseted.

(Every Friday @ 10:00 Server Time)

  At the end of the Weekly Cycle, the first 10 characters who will collect the most points, will be rewarded. You can read more about rewards in the Rewards Section.
  The one who comes out in the first place, will receive as a reward the Commander's Wings(FO) and the status of commander in the game and on the forum for the next cycle (7 days).
  Also, you can find all Actions for a specific Character in Action Logs Section.
Do you think you are capable of being a commander? Let's see!

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