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Happy New Year

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Dear friends,

         The last moments of 2022 are ready to pass through the hourglass of time! I hope you will remember with pleasure all the accomplishments, with melancholy all the beautiful moments and with hope everything you set out to do in the new year!

         The year 2022 was an extremely difficult year 😵 for the server and the whole community, but also for the whole world. We will go through any difficulties, we will resist and we will never give up 💪. The most importantly thing, we know how to learn from mistakes. 😇

  • 🍾 The new year will definitely be the best year of the entire DivinityMU Community, I could say a Revolutionary year! 😎
  • 🍾 The year in which we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our community!
  • 🍾 The year in which the new era has already begun and this era will be the golden era of the Community.
  • 🍾 The year in which Tebaryans (TebaMU players) will make history because they fought for this community to resist and did not let it die. (You are wonderful 🥰)
  • 🍾 The year in which you will write history and remain forever in the history of the community in the coming decades. 🤩
  • 🍾 The year we will all receive claps from those who tried to destroy our epic community.
  • 🍾 The year in which we will say together has finally come and we have what we deserve!

         Happy New Age tebaryans, we are among the last and the first who will make this community extremely strong!


I wish you tones of health, joy and accomplishments!

Happy New Year! 🥂

P.S. the winter event will be extended until January 7, 2023 and the beginning of the year will come with the update of PvP, PvM and tones surprises!

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S.P.Q.R. Va Doreste un An Nou Fericit Alaturi de Cei Dragi. Sanatate( ca-i mai buna decat toate), Fericire si Indeplinirea Tuturor Dorintelor



Toata Lumea sa Traiasca, numai NOI sa nu Murim!!

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