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  1. Dear Mu-tizens, A new beginning also needs a new staff. We are looking for a colleague (Community Manager) to help us with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.). What do you have to do as a Community Manager ? - You will create announcements and publish on our social media pages. - You will monitor and moderate all interactions, comments and content published by members of our community. - You will answer users' questions and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between them. If you think you have time for these activities, we invite you to write us an email at [email protected] with a brief description of yourself and what you can help us with. We also need new colleagues for the post of Moderator (on the forum and in the game). What do you have to do as Moderator ? Helping moderator - the person who helps the users of the forum in solving the problem, offers solutions, creates tutorials, etc. (at the same time you can also moderate the topics in which you notice that the rules are violated) - Create events in the game and on the forum Minimum requirements to be able to apply: 1) To know very well the general rules of the forum, as well as the rules of the game. 2) No history involving fraud or dishonesty. 3) To know how to cooperate in a team, as pleasant as possible. 4) To know how to keep calm when challenged. 5) And the most important of all: Be impartial! If you think you are the right person and meet these minimum requirements and have time for these activities, we invite you to write us an email at [email protected] with a brief description of yourself and what you can help us with. A new era is about to begin. Are you ready to be part of it? Join us on Teba New Age, DECEMBER 9 , 2022 !
  2. Dear Mu-tizens, Considering that one cycle ended 2018-2022 and another is about to begin, we thought, being at the beginning of a new adventure, that you should benefit a little boost from the staff. The next event is called Story Event or Your Adventure on TebaMu or other Mu servers. Those who want to participate will have to compose their own story about how they discovered this game, how was their first contact with the game/server. In which guild did you played, who did you make friends with, what attracted you to Mu, what annoyed you the most, what friends did you make, what enemies did you acquire over time. PS: (If you also include print screens, videos with memorable moments, it will be considered a plus for our community heritage) Each participant as a sign of gratitude and for the courage they had to share their story with us will receive a Special Story Box , and the most voted stories will receive Extra Special Story Boxes ! We are very impatient to read your stories and to reward you ! The thread will be closed on 9 December ! Welcome to the new age ! Teba New Age ! Good luck !
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