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  1. Mie mi se intampla la fel cand fac party pe GL si RW, in Arena pe Gold. Fac party, pornesc clicke-ru si iau imediat acest d/c, dar se reconecteaza inapoi. In felu asta nu pot face party cu ambele caractere, trebuie sa misc pe doua spoturi diferite.
  2. GruG

    KhaosS vs SPQR

    gg foarte bine jucat ! Ne vedem la Arca si CS
  3. Thank you ! Bring this server on the top !
  4. @MeTa So Mr. MeTa ? Anything to say ?
  5. It`s just an idea, a suggestion.
  6. Hello, Do you think it`s possible like the Gold members, to have the possibility to change the diamonds in rubies even the Saturday and Sunday at the same price from the normal days ?
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