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The Crusader Zana has lost his faith

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Dear faithful,

We have an important announcement for all those believe in the King of Heaven.The Archangels reevaluated the Crusader`s position!

Here are the words of the Deity from over 1500 battles that took place for the supremacy of the heavens in Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle

Position Name Score
1. No1LiveEr 34,335,077
2. AspasyA 31,342,222
3. AlpArslan 28,679,725
4. Niree 26,368,708
5. Sobranie 24,147,569
6. ExTasY 17,398,806
7. Theoden 17,176,421
8. Sageata 16,684,052
9. BAGHEERA 16,121,432
10. LordVenom 15,934,999

No1LiveEr gains the status of Crusader while Zana loses it. Amen!

Everyone`s rewards have been added!
Good bless your soul!

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