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[UPDATE ] 3.15.04 Changelog

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[!] Fixed selection of wings mix issues related to wings options, luck and chance rate
[!] Fixed a conflict between MuHelper and Auto Move function that caused character to keep walking after move
[!] Fixed Fire Slash skills issues
[!] Fixed Rage Fighter starts attacking party members with Dark Side skill while in party
[!] Fixed Ring and Pendants resistance options
[!] Fixed invalid attacks number while blinding
[!] Fixed custom combo skill issues
[!] Changed spawn zone after death in Balgass Barrack
[!] Fixed AOE firendly fire issue in Arca Battle event
[!] Fixed Fenrir pet chaos mix issues
[!] Fixed increase range 4th skill not working
[!] Fixed ability to enter Ferea boss zone by abusing the system
[!] Fixed wizard teleport skill
[!] Fixed durability decrease does not visually apply when using Blessing of Spirit
[+] Added New Map Nirvana with a huge spot (you can make Reset in less than 2 minutes)
[!] Fixed monster appear with 0 HP sometimes
[+] Diamonds Items system changed. Now you can make bundle like jewel system and use then with right click
[-] Old Diamonds Items have expiration time (after item expire, will be deleted. So, please use all your Bundle Diamonds before 01 Sep. 2020)
[!] Regular Drop remade for: Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Dungeon, Devias, Atlans, Lost Tower, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kalima, Kanturu Ruin and Kanturu Island.
[+] Added all combination notes for Socket items (Lv 400)
[!] Warp Menu Remade
[!] Gens Contribution Wiped

upcoming updates (3.15.05)
[!] All regular Drop remade.
[!] All Events and Bosses drop remade.
[!] Remade all Bosses spawns.
[!] Changes in elemental system
[!] Remade all XShop & NPC Shops
[!] Antihack for client-side (not server-side only)


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