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  1. Detective Inspector Sean Corrigan is not like other detectives. An unthinkable childhood left him with a fierce determination to protect the innocent. But it also marked him with an ability to identify the darkness in others—a darkness he recognizes still exists deep within himself. When a young man is found brutally murdered, Corrigan, responsible for South London’s Murder Investigation Team, takes the case. But what first appears to be a straightforward domestic murder very quickly leads Corrigan to several other victims and the most dangerous killer he's ever encountered. The perpetrator changes his modus operandi with each crime and leaves behind not a shred of usable forensic evidence. Still, Sean knows beyond a doubt that the same man is behind each of these deaths, and he soon finds himself in a lethal game of cat and mouse with a killer who strikes far too close to home
  2. Acela este planul pentru refacerea instalatiilor permanente. Pe termen scurt o sa aduca generatoare sa porneasca cladirile neafectate dupa ce termina de verificat toate cladirile.
  3. sunt doar 7 variante de pet care pot fi upgradate. Se pot adauga toate?
  4. Otzet

    Bug la Arme

    Mastercard and MeTa loves this
  5. Setul de summoner vine fara nici o optiune excelent. Daca bagi Kondar in el , iti baga automat si reflect. Se poate face ceva?
  6. Otzet

    Bingo Event

    In event inventory trebuia 2 x 2 pana mai ieri. 4x4 in inventar.
  7. Otzet

    Bingo Event

    La bingo event imi da eroare cand vreau sa deschid boxurile. imi zice ca am inventarul plin. https://ibb.co/Kxc69hp
  8. Camino Island [ Negustorul de manuscrise] e urmatoarea pe lista, ca a scos si o continuare la ea, Camino Winds. Si daca iti place Grisham , iti recomand Karin Slaughter seria Will Trent p.s. Swipe , tu vezi-ti de cartile de joc...
  9. https://www.jgrisham.com/books/
  10. Se poate adauga in Xshop bundle de 10x 100 si 10x 500 Diamonds?
  11. Nu a respectat formatul ( de plangere) ... nu se pune...
  12. Otzet

    [EVENT]Name The Item!

    Is not rocket science isn't it? Format was used . In game name on the first line , item on the second. As I can see you like formality that much, you should't use acronyms., and if you're a stickler for the rules, you should have void the round. Over and out.
  13. Otzet

    [EVENT]Name The Item!

    are you even serious ?
  14. Otzet

    [EVENT]Name The Item!

    BabaN0vak Elemental mace
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