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[UPDATE] 1.00.02 Changelog

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[!] Fixed HP Recovery for Guardian Items

[!] Fixed extra scenario of Guardian Item Upgrade option count, Ghost Horse with 3 or more normal options will get minimum 2 normal options on Ice Dragon

[!] Fixed inability to upgrade lucky items by jewels

[!] Fixed ability to buy in not opened personal store while character is in Offline Levelling mode [!] Fixed not working pentagram option, "DEF added to Elemental DEF +5%"

[!] Fixed personal store tax rates

[!] Fixed period extendable items not working correctly after period extend by same period item type combination

[!] Fixed overlap droppable items durability after throw from inventory

[!] Fixed belonging of dropped item in Blood Castle event while in Party

[!] Fixed Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly not being removed in selected mixes

[!] Fixed Dark Raven could kill party members

[!] Fixed Innovation and Weakness PvP skills not working

[!] Fixed inability to divide Rare Items

[!] Fixed defense increased by invalid value while equipping Wings of Power

[!] Fixed Jewel of Dark Life success rate issue

[!] Fixed Wings of Conqueror (Champion) Trade and Storage

[!] Fixed Inability to repair Wings of Conqueror (Champion)

[!] Fixed Experience System for Majestic Level

[!] Fixed Master Points issue where some players had negative master points count

[!] Increased Zen drop Multiply Chance by 25%

[!] Fixed Nixie Lake drop issue where Sealed Honor Gloves dropped instead of Nixie Spirit Fragment

[!] Fixed issue where Lucky items could not be repaired or reinforced

[!] Fixed Lord Mix reward

[!] Fixed Issue where Special Jewels/ Rare Items could not be divided

[!] Fixed Hp Recovery option on Ice Dragon pet

[!] Fixed Horn of Fenrir (Gold) Description in X-Shop, "Duration 7 days"

[!] Fixed Issue where Soul Magic Gun could not be Upgraded to Blue Eye Magic Gun

[!] Fixed Wings of Power defense

[!] Fixed Damage Reduction limit to 90%

[!] Fixed Automove to Devias from Battle Maps

[!] Fixed Blood Castle Invitation Issue

[!] Fixed Socket Upgrade Note cannot be sold to NPC

[!] Fixed Inability to sell Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, ETOL, ETCA to NPC

[+] Added Option on Site to fix Inability to receive Master XP, click here and select "Master Level (Season 15 to Season 16 Update)

[+] Added Gold Server

[+] Added X Shop for Gold Server

[+] Added Grand Reset System


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