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  1. Hi @MeTa when you think the drop will be updated???? Regards.
  2. IGN: Kaiser ITem: Jewel of Harmony
  3. IGN: Kaiser Logo: Opera
  4. IGN: Kaiser Movie: Braveheart
  5. IGN: Kaiser Answer: Beetle Monster
  6. IGN:Kaiser Answer:Dark Horse
  7. Also, Nightmare only drops things in Ch. 3 ...
  8. Hi all. I want to propose that Balgass Drops 5 items instead of 1, like Kundun. Kundun drops 5 Ancient items and his respaws if 3 hours. Balgass respaws is 24 hours and is very difficult to kill because no one go with an elf. Also, all bosses like Ice queen, drops 2 ancient items. So is easy to get ancient sets, but exc set is very hard. Thats why i propose that Balgass drops 5 items instead of one. Please @MeTa let me now. Regards.
  9. Kaiser

    LVL 380 items

    Im not sure, i farm hours in crywolf and drop only zen and generic items like card piece...
  10. Hi. Does lvl 380 items like Volcano, Sunlight, drop somewhere? I mean, normal items... i know that exc version drops in Crywolf (Balgass only) Regards.
  11. I would like to propose that Bosses like Nightmare, drop Lvl 380 items like Sunlight and Volcano... The only boss in the game that drop that is Balgass and is very hard to do crywolf, because the most of the days no one but me go to Crywolf. Algo, i notice that items like Achcrow, Valiant and Glorius, can´t be droppen by any boss or monster (except in Ancient form). Regards.
  12. Hi, i notice a bug in Boss God of Darkness, a lot of times when i was fighting him, he suddenly disappear (when more than 5 minutes left).. That happen to me one time with Selupan and a lot with God of Darkness. Also, i notice that some bosses didn´t drop items. I kill a lot of times Deep Dungeon Gorgon and only drop Zen and no diamonds to the account. Also, Nightmare don´t drop items, only give diamonds to the account. Regards.
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