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  1. Nickname : Addiction Lazio - Cfr Cluj 3-1
  2. Nickname : Addiction Borussia Dortmund - Chelsea 1-2
  3. Nickname : Addiction PSG - BAYERN 1-2 ( Desii as merge pe X2 sa fie safe )
  4. In Game Name: Addiction Puzzle Solved: 5 Time: 08:40 https://gyazo.com/fbefe48e088a832bbe199ad4a02891ea
  5. Hai sa radem nu ? https://gyazo.com/056a04311681292773d10327c08849fc
  6. In Game Name: Addiction Puzzle Solved: 1 Time: 00:26:21 https://gyazo.com/871c8857644c5b07141ed83ece3d123c
  7. In Game Name: Addiction Puzzle Solved: 4 https://www.jigidi.com/solve/igiijtcr/puzzle16/ Time: 39:22 https://gyazo.com/91ac1d6c43fdd49b3e685ff572991426
  8. SmecheruBK


    14. Change names from trackers/voters pages ( some of them have in title Grand Opening or December ) , put some good info instead. 15. Make a message for White Wizzard when its killed, its annoing to walk on entire map and maybe somebody allready kill it. 16. Improve drop reward from DS,BC ( cc have some boxes, that is good ) maybe a final boss in DS with reward instead of drop from mobs 17. Maybe you can readd Gens quest back, so we can make gens points from hunting in vulcanos, not just from RR ( not all players like to do rr`s )
  9. SmecheruBK

    CC Bug

    Am patit exact aceasi chestie acum: Eram cu alti 2 playeri, m-am mutat pe partea din mijloc sus, mobii m-au impis jos imediat cum am incercat sa folosesc skill-ul si de atunci sunt in cadere libera :)) repetandu-se mesajul "Moving to safety"
  10. https://gyazo.com/3bfbe9f319e1d3d079c23c0c89e4f802
  11. https://gyazo.com/39a66aaddf726e408a23abe27014d9e2 Kanturu 58 cu 80 Nume character: Addiction
  12. https://gyazo.com/906de9ce276c414f78f01473c874f2e0 Aida 1 185 107
  13. Daca te uiti aici: https://www.tebamu.com/droplist.html O sa gasesti informatia asta: https://gyazo.com/11e3156fde75a8f4229d911ee3336c43 Box-ul de la GR are sansa de 80% sa iti dea Ruud. Daca ai System pornit atunci cand deschizi box-ul iti apare cu rosu in chat cat ruud primesti/daca primesti ruud si nu cumva altceva. Ruud este o "moneda" care apare sub Zen cand deschizi inventarul si cu care iti poti cumpara set/iteme/arme din Ruud-Shop ( Elbeland langa Stash ) Google/Youtube pentru mai multe informatii despre asta ca e poveste lunga.
  14. Daca se poate si legat de staff atunci facem asa: MeTa dupa ce termina PvP-ul si noi trebuie sa schimbam gear-urile
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