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  1. Niree


    Salut, Incearca link-ul acesta.
  2. Niree

    Season 19

    Hello, While this sounds like good news, I am not sure is the right approach. While I would prefer for the current database to be kept, I am not sure the majority will agree. The end goal should be bringing the server back to life. Maybe a poll could be useful here, just to check what the community wants.
  3. Niree

    Season 19

    Hi MeTa, Thank you for the update! Looks like the proper way to do it in the long run. I think the initial concept of the New Age was great (focused on in game crafting). Building upon that initial concept would be a great idea. You can also add concepts and events from older databases for a better experience. Please find below some ideas to consider: Overhaul the farming events (Holy Cruse, Commander's Medal, Gens Conquest). I believe the periodicity and rewards should be reworked (biweekly or even monthly instead of weekly and rewards could be diamonds + crafting items for different stages of the game; time limited items could also be maintained in rewards). Gens conquest should be designed for active questing in one map (Vulcanus comes to mind, which will also serve as a point of contention for players). Vulcanus could be a point of interest for other quests and events as well, making it a central point in the game; Rework Varka, Doppleganger and Boss Battle Events (maybe even add extra events). The rewards should be improved (chance for a drop: artifact and stones, crafting items, special wings could be some of the rewards); Balgass event reworked: once a day (preferably evening) with some global reward (for example experience increase or chaos machine rate increase) and drop reward. Implement Guild Hall (could be implemented as a later update if requires too much initial work); Implement end-game quests for different objectives and rewards (could also be implemented as a later update). Implement a server command or ingame-menu for live timers on events/invasions and bosses. Also implement a command for opening npc shop and vault, regardless of you current location ( for example: /openvault or /opennpc); Implement Jewel Bank and Guild Vault; Edit the options and stats (I'm referring to the absolute values, not the percentage ones) for mastery set items to match full status of the character (the absolute values on the mastery items should be directly proportional with the values of full status; for example in the current database/season these values are closer to the original values of non-rr, than full status; the only example which comes to mind is the weapon options + bonus which were edited; the same should be done for the set items). The entire journey, from first levels and resets to end game events should be designed for progressive growth (different parts of the gear to be obtained from different events in different maps/bosses/events etc.). The idea here is to explore and have activity on a wide range of maps and parts of the game. Multiple clients should be limited to a certain number (2 or 3) to limit inactive farming and snowballing effect; Admin team should be created for professional support in game. I believe this has been a major drawback on previous databases. Having a good team of admins which can provide transparency and accuracy to the owner and to the community will allow you to focus on the right and important things, rather than dealing with repetitive inquiries which consumes a lot of time. Will also provide a point of contact for players, so they will know their feedback and voice is heard. This should also come with a code of conduct for the community (I believe respect and common sense should be core values here). These are only a part of the ideas that came to mind. I also believe more people should pitch in with ideas, so the end result will reflect the ideas/wishes and values of the entire community, not only of few.
  4. Niree

    Season 19

    Hello, I would like to ask the question which, I believe, is of interest for many other players (mostly inactive). Will there be a season 19 on the current database? If yes, is there a timeline estimation? I believe S19 is a great opportunity for the server to comeback (new or current database) as it comes with many new features such as: 5th Quest, Wings level 5, 5th mastery tree -> Ability Enhancement Core, New Sets and Weapons, New Earrings and many others. I also believe it's a good opportunity to implement some changes/updates which were needed on the current season as well: implement new events, adjust some class settings, enable kondar usage on mastery Items, implement end-game quests/events so the activity will not significantly decrease when reaching this phase of the game, improve artifact availability and many other changes which will improve the gameplay. There should be an ecosystem from "start to finish", with a clear path and objectives along the way, which should also provide entertainment and diverse activities. While it might seem that not everyone is appreciative of the work done over the years, there are quite a few which do appreciate the efforts. It's easier to point out the shortcomings on something than to find ways to improve and actually implement these. And yes, the community has not been the easiest to please, but detractors are present everywhere. They should not define the community. We can change this and the change needs to start with ourselves.
  5. Niree

    Punish Bug

    Hello, Please have a look at Punish proc rate. It seems it has an internal cooldown or is it heavily decreased. It is triggered once every few seconds instead of roughly 1 in 3 elemental critical hits (30% chance on elemental critical hits). Thank you!
  6. Niree


    An additional point to the above remarks: Database reset should be done, or at least considered, after all these important changes to the server are implemented. This is the only way new and old players will return.
  7. Niree


    Hello, Considering the recent news on the upcoming update I would like to make a few suggestions and remarks. Initial server concept was one of the best I've played on a server (play to win was at the core of this design). At first, there were some struggles with the updates and providing content, but once the patches were implemented the server was a fresh idea in dying and grim landscape of mu servers. However, around Easter of 2023 things started to shift from play to win to pay to win (mainly the artifact and excellent set updates and other changes). This seemed like new content/changes at the time, but in the end made pvp unbalanced (a lot of classes stopped being viable with excellent sets). With these upcoming changes I cannot notice, it will become very similar with the old server/database (previous seasons) and I don think it's a good prospect. Mastery Items Enhanced. Was proposed in the past and could be a good change to the current settings. Master skill tree is the core on customizing a class and given this change we will end up playing the same characters, without any major differences. Furthermore, having the original master skill tree enables certain playstyles/builds and adds diversity/options for each player. I really do not see the point of having full skill tree, maybe someone could provide some insights that could change this perspective. In my opinion this change is really not needed and limits the players unique builds/customization. Changes on the healing potions: the initial concept was very good (a handful of events) but changes were made and became widely available. However, this promoted afk play instead of participating on events, doing more harm than good in the end. I believe completly removing elite potions at this point would be beneficial. Wolf Knight and Gladiator events should have been changed long time ago. As I've already suggested, the reward for these events could be gear related (artifacts, artifact stones etc.) Achievements implementation is something really interesting, worth exploring. These achievements could lead to unique rewards (for example: a number of points in master skill tree or rare artifact/max grade wings box etc.). Guild Hall could have the same purpose, but on a guild level. I believe this has the most potential out of all the highlighted changes. PVP state should already been updated since the introduction of excellent sets and artifacts. However, I don't think completely changing the current settings would be necessary, only buffs and changes to certain classes and these will become viable. Castle Siege and Arca AOE damage changes. I'm not sure it will result as stated: gameplay fairness. Certain classes (e.g. Elf, SM, Summoner to name a few) really benefit in having AOE damage and this is the core of their abilities. Additional suggestions: introduce necklaces with 3 socket slots; max grade wings box as reward for different achievements (maybe even in castle siege mix), enable chaos castle event, enable Vulcanus quests for gens points or even achiement unlock. Would also help having admin events and activity: there was a time where this was the case, but was short lived and discontinued. I'm aware this might not be implemented at the current state of the server, but should be something to consider in the upcoming season: Ice Wind Castle implementation. In the end I think we should consider what do we want from the server and community. Should we switch back to the old ways/concept? This is where is heading for a while now, or should we stick with the initial concept, which I believe was original, and see what can be done to improve it? Should also be considered players that left, mostly did it for a few reasons: Game is too demanding in terms time requirements for reaching end game gear. Valid for a part of the players, but I don't think this was the complete reasoning as most of them simply play other games or servers, they just did not want to grind and wanted easy items, if possible by afk rr, as was the case on so many seasons; Season 18 was released in beta state, with a lot of bugs and unfinished events/settings making players leave. These two aspects combined were responsible for most of the departures; Most of the players that remained were estranged/discouraged by not succeeding on the main PVP events, giving an array of reasoning throughout the process: overpowered buffs, cheat accusations, imbalance of classes (which indeed became evidently true after certain update patches). After a while mu becomes dull and is not engaging anymore; this is blatantly valid and cannot be prevented, especially in today's gaming landscape. What conclusion can we draw from all these points? Community is quite stubborn, with almost no desire to adapt, wants a lot of updates done immediately, does not appreciate the hard work put which was quite significant since launch (sure, timings weren't always the best, but overall this is a quality server which can be compared in terms of features with the best ones out there) and blames external factors for their failures (server settings, cheat usage, imbalance etc.). My final question/remark would be: what are the changes in this upcoming update or in any update for this matter, which will fix these shortcomings? I can safely say: none. The problem is not the server, it is the core community - which thrives in using fault language, finds any reasons to brag about, even if nothing tangible is backing them up, does not care to respect others and mocking family members of former guild mates is second nature to them; maybe we should enforce some common sense/mutual respect rules and stick to them, building up the community from scratch, but with core values and principles. Thank you!
  8. Hello, This situation is due to boss getting bugged after more than 1 week without restart. It requires a boss restart or server restart.
  9. Niree


    Hello, Please find below feedback regarding the current state of the server and suggestions for future implementations: - Damage at cs/arca should be slightly increased (decrease the penalty damage); - Fix excellent apocalypse boots mastery bonus option; - Restore/Increase triple damage chance for apocalypse ancient set in order to have balance between sets (other buffs might also be required for balancing reasons); - Fix artifact 4 values: real values for certain options are 10-15% of the values displayed, which is misleading, considering how much you need to farm or donate to get it in the first place and then raise it till +15; for comparison it gives less benefits than the equivalent weapon pink option) - Investigate elemental damage excessive misses in certain scenarios (10 out of 10 hits are registered as miss). - Rework doppleganger event reward. No one is attending the event since the introduction of elite potions in xshop/colloseum/other events. By now it's an outdated event due to recent patches. - Introduce a prize reward for Castle Siege (some ideas: diamonds, max grade wings box, max grade artifacts etc.). Castle Siege should have tangible benefits, besides LoT, which is outdated by now in terms of drop. It will also enhance its importance, as it should be the most fought for event of the game. - Fix Punish percentage visual value (at level 10 is displayed 8% instead of 15% as it's currently set. As a reference, correct and original values should be 6% - level 1, 16% - level 10). - Implement Guild Vault in Devias or any other city. It will help with guild and trade management. Thank you!
  10. Hello, Could you kindly rework this event? It's ridiculous that you are rewarding players using third party programs/helpers to make gens contribution. On top of this, there a couple of players that have left the sever 2 months ago and are still getting one of the best rewards in the game. The most powerful wing in the game was obtained only in this way since the start of the season. I'm not sure where is the balance and fair play here. It's an abusable and badly designed event and sadly is giving away one of the best rewards in the game. Promoting active play should be the main train of though here. Thank you!
  11. Niree


    Hello, Please find below additional feedback related to server settings: Remove event buffs (Colosseum and Crywolf). Reward should be reworked (maybe something related to the artefact - for example: enhancement stones, rare artifacts etc.) Review artifact values. Some values are too high which affect the current pvp state. Event wings should be reworked/adjusted (value stats are too high). Remove Petal Cherry Blossom Flower Petal from Xshop. Thank you!
  12. Name: Niree Mob name: Chief Skeleton Warrior Location: Dungeon
  13. Name: Niree Mob name: Schriker Location: Kalima
  14. Niree


    Hello, Please find below additional points which can be implemented in the future updates: Solve Blood Castle gate issue (it can be "destroyed" right away if you attack it, regardless of the mob kill count). Correctly set master points count (400 instead of 399 ->majestic points: 650 instead of 651). Set Balgass event only twice a day (for example 14:00 and 16:00 server time). There is no point of having it every 2 hours, specially in the morning, where no one is attending. Regarding PVP, I think it was set quite all right, only some tweaks are necessary. These are my impressions from Lorencia PVP and last week Castle Siege (Live data base); Summoner debuffs (by far the most broken spell in the game, which was the biggest problem at CS; once the debuff is granted the character will die almost instantly, no matter of the buffs you have; should be heavily decreased); Lemuria - takes at least 2-3 people to kill this class; not sure where the problem is (defense or something else); should be investigated and tweaked; Blade Knight - Increase defense and damage (combo damage before the formula change was dealing an ok damage, maybe should be reversed). Rage Fighter - decrease attack speed; Soul Master - slightly increase damage; Dark Lord - slightly decrease damage; Gunner - slightly increase damage; Elf - seems pretty balanced; Other classes - not sure, need more testing; Thank you!
  15. Nickname : Niree Manchester United - Barcelona 2-1
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