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  1. Hello, This situation is due to boss getting bugged after more than 1 week without restart. It requires a boss restart or server restart.
  2. Niree


    Hello, Please find below feedback regarding the current state of the server and suggestions for future implementations: - Damage at cs/arca should be slightly increased (decrease the penalty damage); - Fix excellent apocalypse boots mastery bonus option; - Restore/Increase triple damage chance for apocalypse ancient set in order to have balance between sets (other buffs might also be required for balancing reasons); - Fix artifact 4 values: real values for certain options are 10-15% of the values displayed, which is misleading, considering how much you need to farm or donate to get it in the first place and then raise it till +15; for comparison it gives less benefits than the equivalent weapon pink option) - Investigate elemental damage excessive misses in certain scenarios (10 out of 10 hits are registered as miss). - Rework doppleganger event reward. No one is attending the event since the introduction of elite potions in xshop/colloseum/other events. By now it's an outdated event due to recent patches. - Introduce a prize reward for Castle Siege (some ideas: diamonds, max grade wings box, max grade artifacts etc.). Castle Siege should have tangible benefits, besides LoT, which is outdated by now in terms of drop. It will also enhance its importance, as it should be the most fought for event of the game. - Fix Punish percentage visual value (at level 10 is displayed 8% instead of 15% as it's currently set. As a reference, correct and original values should be 6% - level 1, 16% - level 10). - Implement Guild Vault in Devias or any other city. It will help with guild and trade management. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Could you kindly rework this event? It's ridiculous that you are rewarding players using third party programs/helpers to make gens contribution. On top of this, there a couple of players that have left the sever 2 months ago and are still getting one of the best rewards in the game. The most powerful wing in the game was obtained only in this way since the start of the season. I'm not sure where is the balance and fair play here. It's an abusable and badly designed event and sadly is giving away one of the best rewards in the game. Promoting active play should be the main train of though here. Thank you!
  4. Niree


    Hello, Please find below additional feedback related to server settings: Remove event buffs (Colosseum and Crywolf). Reward should be reworked (maybe something related to the artefact - for example: enhancement stones, rare artifacts etc.) Review artifact values. Some values are too high which affect the current pvp state. Event wings should be reworked/adjusted (value stats are too high). Remove Petal Cherry Blossom Flower Petal from Xshop. Thank you!
  5. Name: Niree Mob name: Chief Skeleton Warrior Location: Dungeon
  6. Name: Niree Mob name: Schriker Location: Kalima
  7. Niree


    Hello, Please find below additional points which can be implemented in the future updates: Solve Blood Castle gate issue (it can be "destroyed" right away if you attack it, regardless of the mob kill count). Correctly set master points count (400 instead of 399 ->majestic points: 650 instead of 651). Set Balgass event only twice a day (for example 14:00 and 16:00 server time). There is no point of having it every 2 hours, specially in the morning, where no one is attending. Regarding PVP, I think it was set quite all right, only some tweaks are necessary. These are my impressions from Lorencia PVP and last week Castle Siege (Live data base); Summoner debuffs (by far the most broken spell in the game, which was the biggest problem at CS; once the debuff is granted the character will die almost instantly, no matter of the buffs you have; should be heavily decreased); Lemuria - takes at least 2-3 people to kill this class; not sure where the problem is (defense or something else); should be investigated and tweaked; Blade Knight - Increase defense and damage (combo damage before the formula change was dealing an ok damage, maybe should be reversed). Rage Fighter - decrease attack speed; Soul Master - slightly increase damage; Dark Lord - slightly decrease damage; Gunner - slightly increase damage; Elf - seems pretty balanced; Other classes - not sure, need more testing; Thank you!
  8. Nickname : Niree Manchester United - Barcelona 2-1
  9. Nickname : Niree RB Leipzig - Manchester City 1-3
  10. Nickname: Niree Liverpool - Real Madrid 0-0
  11. Nickname : Niree Lazio - CFR Cluj 3-1
  12. Nickname : Niree Borussia Dortmund - Chelsea 2-2
  13. Nickname : Niree PSG - BAYERN 3-2
  14. Hello, There is still a lot of work to be done on the server. Please find below a few ideas and suggestions: Some harmony options are still bugged (vitality option is pink on all values and it's not displayed on the item; wizzardy attack power is displayed as white while the value is higher than maximum displayed on NPC). Devil square reward (the one in K) should be reworked. The current devil square reward (Devil's Box) is almost useless since no one is doing devil square for master level or anything like this. Reward should be related to the purpose of the event. Gens quest should be reworked/fixed. Doing quests in Vulcanus could be a point of contention for players which could offer a new activity/interest. Gens reward should be removed from grand resets for obvious reasons. Remove Dark Angel Anvil from drop and introduce a random Anvil drop from bosses (Dark Angel, Holy Angel, Soul Anvil, Silver Heart, Manticore). There is no point of having only Darkangel Anvil in drop. Same situation should be applied to Soul Upgrade Items (random drop for all set upgrades). Enable all the Special Events on site and in game. As a personal note, the activity on server is on a all time low (since the grand opening). The main reasons are: lack of content, updates, events and a lot of bugs. I'm afraid we have reached a point where the future of the server is at stake, if things will not turn around swiftly. The server had a great start and then things took a turn for the worse. It will be hard to get back a lot of players that left for the above mentioned reasons. We still have a chance with the future updates and the biggest chance will be when Part 1-3 will be implemented. However, time is of the essence on this matter. Thank you!
  15. Hello, I've tried till +11 and it works without any issues on gold server. Hope this helps!
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