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[EVENT] Master of MEMEs and Laughs - 3

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Hello, Mu-citizens,

It  seems that we want to start this year with lots of laughter and MEMEs.
I'm looking after a Master of MEMEs and Laughs that can make people laugh with his MEME masterpiece.

What would YOU NEED to do in order to win this event?

1. Get a random picture

2. Make a meme out of it with our MU SERVER SPECIFIC words/situation (Yes, you are allowed to make with STAFF and players also)

3. Post the meme and wait for the staff to select the winner.

Example :

Prizes :
The player that the STAFF selects that he is the Master of MEMEs and Laughs this week will win:

5000 Diamonds.

Let us see who will be our Master of MEMEs and Laughs!

Event ends on the 10th of FEB 00:00 AM (GMT:+2:00)
You are allowed with 1 MEMEs MAX
You are not allowed to double post
You are not allowed to edit your post.



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