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  1. Golden invasion is an event where golden monsters invade the continent, your mission is to kill them to receive a Box of Kundun that drop diamonds and excellent items. In DivinityMu Teba server, this golden monsters re-spawn every 1 hour. The Box of Kundun range from level 1 to 5 and this rewards levels are depends on which map the golden monsters appears. The higher the level of Box of Kundun is, the better items you can get. Box Of Kundun +1 Golden Goblin – Lorencia, Noria Golden Soldier – Devias Golden Rabbit – Elbeland Golden Knight – Dungeon Box Of Kundun +2 Golden Titan – Devias Golden Devil – Dungeon Golden Vepar – Atlans Box Of Kundun +3 Golden Dragon – Lorencia, Noria, Devias Golden Wheel – Tarkan Golden Stone Golem – Aida Golden Crust – Icarus Box Of Kundun +4 Golden Satyros – Kanturu Golden Lizard King – Atlans Golden Twin Tail – Relics Kanturu Great Golden Dragon – Kanturu,The Cleon (Raklion) Box Of Kundun +5 Golden Napin – Swamp of Peace Golden Iron Knight – The Cleon (Raklion) Great Golden Dragon – Kanturu,The Cleon (Raklion) *Note: When you kill a golden monster you will receive prestige points.
  2. Fortress of Imperial Guardian is one of the newest event additional to the Mu Continents. This Event only works if you have a party with at least 2 players. This Event runs for a week – Starts from Monday and ends in Sunday. To be qualified to enter the Sunday Event to beat the Boss Monster. Each party must complete all the Barka’s 7 maps and obtain Secromicon pieces which will give you an entrance key to the Sunday Event. Barka’s 7 Map: Monday: 1st Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Tuesday: 2nd Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Wednesday: 3rd Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Thursday: 4th Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Friday: 5th Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Saturday: 6th Map (Reward 50 000 Diamonds + 1 secromicon) Sunday: 7th Map (Final Secromicon pieces) + The Boss Battle Time (Reward 500 000 Diamonds) If you can enter as many time you like until your get the Secromicon pieces within that particular day. Without the 7 Secromicon pieces (1 from each day) you cannot successfully complete this event quest. [Requirements] Entrance: NPC Jerint the Assistant (Event Squere: 234,29) Entrance Level = Level 15 or higher Number of Participants = A party of Min 2 – Max 5 *Note: If you disband the party after entering the map, you will be summoned back to the village/ entrance Opening Time= Any time Only one party is allowed at a time. (You must wait until previous party is finished) [Ticket + How To Enter] Every player in your party must obtain the ticket to enter the event. Give this Ticket to NPC Jerint the Assitant There are 2 types of ticket that you must obtain for this event [During Battle] Time is the main key in success of the fortress of imperial guardian event. Which means all party members must work together and synchronized within their attacks when they’ve entered the event. It is very crucial that everyone know their jobs within this event to decrease the chance of failure. There are 3 Zone within 1 location, there are at least about 3 or 4 location within 1 map per day. Starting Point Waiting Time : 0:20 seconds – All party members should enter during this time. Battle Zone Attack Time: 5 min - Everyone need to kill all the monsters within 5 minutes to win. Warp Zone Waiting Time : 0:20 seconds - Safe Zone / Ralax Zone – To repair item & regain energy Repeat above sequence for next location within the map of the day until you’ve reach the Mini Boss Map (Mini boss will give you the Secromicon Fragment pieces) *Note: To win this event, its best if you have 5 members in party. [Completion of Event] If Successful: Kill all the monsters within the time limit. Including the Boss Monsters If Failure: Fail to kill monsters within the time limit. Character dies during the battle. Late or didn’t warp to a different/next zone during the waiting period. Disband party when the event start in the map. [Rewards] Map 1 – 6 : From statues 5 000. Mini Boss : Secromicon Fragments four each member + 50 000 diamonds Map 7 Big Boss: 500 000 diamonds
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    Selling items in your personal store for diamonds,bless,soul,chaos and without a player being physically in-game but the character is online. 1. First, warp or move your character to Devias. 2. Open Personal Store window (Press V on your keyboard and then press S). 3. Click the item and drag to the Sales Store box on the left and click on an empty space. 4. When you add the item, a Set Price will pop up. In the coins box, type the price of the item. For example 100. That means you are selling the item for 100 diamonds. (You can also sell items with bless,soul,chaos). 5. Once you have set up the price, click OK. Then a fee will be deducted. For example the initial price is 100 diamonds and the buyer will pay 99diamonds). If you agree on the fee, click OK. 6. Enter the store name. For example Box of Heaven. 7. Click Open then press ok 8. Press Enter on your keyboard, type /offstore then press enter. Your client will close automatically. Notes: The next time you log in, at first login the game will show your account is connected. The second login, you will be able to get in-game!
  4. Alkenny

    Gens bug?

    Fiecare are tactica lui de a juca pentru reward. Nu este interzis ce spui tu.
  5. Alkenny

    Gens bug?

    Salut, Toate dedaliile in legatura cu gens..se pot gasi aici https://www.tebamu.com/mu-online/season-15/mu-guide/Contribution Points/private-server/game-guide/40/ Burning Lava si Ruthless lava..au acelasi numar de mobi.. totul depinde de cum sunt omorati de catre playeri. Ex. Daca un player mai are nevoie de 4 ruthless si omoara doar acei mobi, iar tu vi si omori burning lava peste 1 min ..e clar ca si respawnul o sa fie diferit . Wings se adauga pe caracterul respectiv.. nu in x shop
  6. The winners of today's hide and seek event are: 1: BellaDonna - 100.000 Diamonds 2) MosuDL - 100.000 Diamonds 3) GuNNeR - 100.000 Diamonds 4) CreepSL - Bonus round - 100.000 Diamonds Congrats to the 4 winners and thank you all for participating!
  7. Hello TebaMu, I'm waiting for you all today at 5:00 PM [ST] to Hide and Seek Event! The event will take place in 3 different maps and PK is allowed. At the start of each round I will announce the map i am hiding and i am going to use skins. If you win a round, you can't participate to another one. Rewards: at each round, the first player that finds me and trades me for receiving the prize, will be rewarded with 100.000 Diamonds. See you all in game!
  8. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  9. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  10. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  11. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  12. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  13. Salut. De saptamana viitoare o sa avem eventuri si mari si mici :)
  14. T/c pana se va lua o decizie
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