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  1. Alkenny

    Gens bug?

    Fiecare are tactica lui de a juca pentru reward. Nu este interzis ce spui tu.
  2. Alkenny

    Gens bug?

    Salut, Toate dedaliile in legatura cu gens..se pot gasi aici https://www.tebamu.com/mu-online/season-15/mu-guide/Contribution Points/private-server/game-guide/40/ Burning Lava si Ruthless lava..au acelasi numar de mobi.. totul depinde de cum sunt omorati de catre playeri. Ex. Daca un player mai are nevoie de 4 ruthless si omoara doar acei mobi, iar tu vi si omori burning lava peste 1 min ..e clar ca si respawnul o sa fie diferit . Wings se adauga pe caracterul respectiv.. nu in x shop
  3. The winners of today's hide and seek event are: 1: BellaDonna - 100.000 Diamonds 2) MosuDL - 100.000 Diamonds 3) GuNNeR - 100.000 Diamonds 4) CreepSL - Bonus round - 100.000 Diamonds Congrats to the 4 winners and thank you all for participating!
  4. Chess event is coming up soon !!


  5. Hello TebaMu, I'm waiting for you all today at 5:00 PM [ST] to Hide and Seek Event! The event will take place in 3 different maps and PK is allowed. At the start of each round I will announce the map i am hiding and i am going to use skins. If you win a round, you can't participate to another one. Rewards: at each round, the first player that finds me and trades me for receiving the prize, will be rewarded with 100.000 Diamonds. See you all in game!
  6. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  7. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  8. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  9. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  10. T/c pana se va lua o decizie.
  11. Salut. De saptamana viitoare o sa avem eventuri si mari si mici :)
  12. T/c pana se va lua o decizie
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