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  1. It seems that you don't fully understand what I am trying to imply . I'll repeat in shorter sentences. 1. I do not manage the game side . 2. We do not condone any use of any hacks . 3. If you get banned in-game for cheating with irrefutable evidence, (doesn't really matter what cheat you use ) , and you come here and cry that everyone uses the same stuff that you do , guess what ? You've got to have some proof . You won't get unbanned, but they sure will get banned . Just like in real life : if you run a red light and get penalized are you going to defend yourself by saying that everybody does that ? Excuse me : but that's just dumb ! 4. Any more allegations to the admins' integrity will be punished 5. Warned for offtopic/spam : @Morfeu @kybak @Camaras Topic closed !
  2. @Morfeu What do you mean by "so called macro" ? It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the player in cause was cheating ? For fear you do not understand : This is a rhetorical question. Do not try to insult our good will and intelligence !
  3. I don't care about the quotation marks. If you use profanities here you're gonna have a bad time . I am not involved in-game ( or am I? ) so I don't care what kind of language you use there .
  4. Topic Locked until @MeTa will decide what to do @Amok see you in 3 days
  5. *** STOP SPAM *** Topic locked until @MeTa will take a decision ! I am very disappointed by you !
  6. Topic locked ! You made a fun topic into an issue !
  7. Hi! @Chosen & @Mercenar it is most likely a bug. You can't be killed in the same second because you spawn in ~2s . Calm yourselves @MeTa will check it out! If you want to report hacking do it correctly ! Here is spammy topic! Don't argue about hacks .
  8. @Somber - See you next week @OneLov3 - 1 day for multiple warnings
  9. Hello @Otzet ! I have not deleted any content here , but if I missed something please report it !
  10. You continue to disappoint me ! Topic Closed until @MeTa will check !
  11. We shall wait for the Owner's response. Similar topics will be closed
  12. Wow this wash a trash topic . Please behave yourself ! We shall wait for @MeTa to take a decision!
  13. Hello ! Request noted @Mercenar .. Thank you for feedback @kybak Next time please use the feedback PVP section
  14. Hello Here is the link to the Gunner feedback section @KOKI https://www.divinitymu.org/index.php?/mu-online-subject/1047-gunner/
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